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Black Wolf

Samurai Hooded Sleeping Bag (-10°)

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A big roomy bag, for cold wintery nights, the Black Wolf Samurai Hooded sleeping bag is recommended for, and slides flawlessly into a swag.

Catering for larger users, generous dimensions and a flannel lining bring soft comforts of home right into your campsite, while 400gsm of fill teamed up with draft collars and flaps ensure your bag retains warmth on long, cold nights.

With all the features you would expect from Black Wolf, including anti snag zip, pillow slip and hidden internal pocket, the Samurai Hooded is the perfect companion for winter camping in the high country, or a reliable choice for those who feel the cold.

  • -10°C temperature rating.
  • Jumbo dimensions.
  • Contoured hood.
  • Anti-bite zipper guard.
  • Draft neck collar.
  • Draft flap over zip.
  • Zippered internal chest pocket.
  • Includes compression sack.
Snowys Code:
Supplier Code:
Comfort Temp. Rating °C:
-10 °C
Max. User Height:
210 cm
Internal Girth:
170 cm
External Dimensions:
230L x 90W cm
Packed Dimensions:
42L x 23W x 23H cm
Fill Material:
Powerloft 4®
Fill Weight:
2 x 200gsm
Cotton Flannel
Double #5 Autolock Anti Snag
2.3 Kg
Suggested Use:
Limited Lifetime
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Jan 15 2018

Great bags.

I've ordered 2 from snowys about 12 months apart, unfortunately they don't match up perfectly when together!
That's not snowys fault obviously, still great sleeping bags.

- Newcastle
Aug 16 2017

Great for the price

Used this up in big desert about a month ago, I now keep it wrapped up in the swag with a pillow ready to go. It was around -1 overnight. Very toasty in a swag on the ground with a good mattress, thermals + PJ's - off the ground it would do -5, snow no problems. The bag is nice and roomy, so it's no uncomfortable as a moderate sized man to get in/out of and change positions overnight, which is a real plus. For the price I really can't fault it, but my gut feel is I think it's closer to a -5 bag in reality - you'd probably have to pay $300+ to beat it though, on special for $120, the price is right....

- Bendigo
Mar 02 2017

Black Wolf Samurai Hooded Sleeping Bag (-10°)

Unreal went to Jindabyne 2016 middle of winter, it was raining and snowing it was freezing. When I went to bed that sleeping bag was awsome.

- Canberra
Feb 26 2017


SO warm and cozy. Very comfortable for cold nights in the Victorian High Country.

- Geelong
Feb 16 2017

Black Wolf Sleeping bag

Perfect for winter camping in the camper

- Toowoomba
Jul 11 2016

Black wolfe sleepping bag ,sameri hooded

The sleeping bag is good however I feel it's quite a large bag , I feel if they made it narrower and using as much fill as they do IT would be a lot better bag otherwise it's not a bad bag . Seems to get cold spots in the bag... that might be because of the size of it .

Jun 30 2016

Black wolf samurai

Very warm just used it on a 4 degree night with was a little too warm if sleeping with clothes on!!! Heaps of room packs in bag just fine

Jun 01 2016

Good bag

Well made. Zips work well.Slept very warm in desert night air

Apr 18 2016

Superbly warm and cosy

This -10* rating is just what I need to keep me warm on the frosty high country mornings

Apr 09 2016

Toasty warm

This is a great sleeping bag, especially for the money. It's kept me warm through a few cool nights already. I'd definitely buy again.


Can you join a Jardine and a samurai?1 answer

My wife gets colder than me so a samurai may be a better choice but it would still be nice to be able to join our bags

- Castle hill(6 months ago)

G'day Rob,

As they are the same length, you will be able to join these bags together without any trouble provided you get one with a LHS zip and one with a RHS zip.

- Snowys(6 months ago)

Does it come with a removable hood?1 answer

I want to zip two together with the zips on either side of the bed (not down the centre). This means that one person has a hood on top of their face if it can't be removed.

- Mount Waverley(10 months ago)

G'day Linda, 

I've just had a squiz at the display model to confirm, and no the Samurai Hooded Sleeping bag does not have a removable hood. 

- Snowys(10 months ago)

Black Wolf Samurai Hooded Sleeping Bag (-10°)1 answer

Can two of the Black Wolf Samurai Hooded Sleeping Bags (-10°) be joined together to make one extra large sleeping bag?

- WEST LAKES SHORE, SA(1 year ago)
Hey Henry, the answer is yes they absolutely can - you just need a bag with a left zip and a bag with a right zip. At the moment you can’t specify this online, so just give us a call on 1300 914 007 after you place an order and we'll make a note to make sure you get the right combination.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

Left and right zips1 answer

Hi, do these zip together if we order a left and right zip? Also, I couldn't see where I can specify that we want 1 left and 1 right hand zip?

- Box Hill South(1 year ago)
They do zip together if you have a left/right zip combination of bags, but our website currently doesn't have a facility to allow this choice. While we usually assume a customer wants a left/right zip combination when two of the same bags are ordered, I recommend giving us a call once your order is placed so we can make a note and ensure you are delivered the right combination.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

Joining two together1 answer

Hey, I purchased two Blackwolf deluxe self inflating mattresses (Hey Corey lol) and looking for a few good sleeping bags. The girls got cold last time we were in Walhalla, as there was no cloud cover the first night. We had a Jackaroo Glacier +5/-5 winter bag which didn't do the job the first night. Can these bags be put together and make one for the wife and I Cheers Ant

- MELBOURNE, VIC(1 year ago)
Sure can Ant, you will just need to purchase one left and one right handed zipper option. We don't currently have a system on our website to do this, but we assume that if two are ordered then the customer would like this combination. I recommend giving us a call once you've placed your order so we can make a note to ensure you are delivered the right bags to suit your needs.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

Black wolf Vs OzTent rivergum1 answer

For winter trips (we have a hard top Avan campertrailer) which is the better choice. We'll probably use them as a blanket mainly, but also it e go4WDing and camp in a double swag.)

- Sydney(1 year ago)
Hi Mal, the Rivergum has a few features that would make me choose it over the Samurai. I prefer the cotton canvas finish on the Rivergum, compared to the polyester Samurai. The Rivergum also has the removable fleece liner which means that it's more versatile. I think the Rivergum is the way to go!. I hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

Does the zipper extend all the way around (ie can be made into a 'blanket")?1 answer

- , Sydney(1 year ago)
G'day Mal - Sure can. Lays out nice and flat. Hope that helps. Cheers, Paul
- Snowys(1 year ago)

Does the EXPED large pillow slot into this bag1 answer

- findon sa(1 year ago)
Hi Paul, I don't have any Exped pillows to trial this with at the moment, but I think it will be too large. The Black Wolf Self Inflating Pillow Deluxe fits snugly, you can use the dimensions of this pillow as an indicator of whether your (I assume you own one) Exped pillow will fit. You can view it by searching for product code 36284 on our website.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

How rated are these bags for a woman that suffers from the cold.1 answer

We have purchased 2 air mattress from you the EXPED MEGAMAT 10 LXW. WOW what a MAT. Would this bag be suitable for a woman that suffers from the cold. Or could you please recommend another product if better rated.

- FINDON, SA(1 year ago)
Firstly Paul, you've purchased yourself some nice warm mats, that's a big step towards sleeping warm. As for a female that feels the cold, I'd recommend adding about 5°C to the ratings on Black Wolf bags, which means a comfort level of -5°C. These are a good choice, but if it were me I'd consider the Oztent Rivergum in standard size, although these state -5°C to be their comfort, I think the rating is a little more generous and they feel thicker. They also have a removable liner which makes it versatile for a wider temperature range. The only down side with these is that they are bulkier, also an indication of them having more fill, but if it's car camping a little extra bulk is probably worth a warm night of sleep.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

Hi. What is the best way to wash these sleeping bags, please?1 answer

- MAYLANDS, SA(2 years ago)
Hand or gentle machine wash is fine for these Julie. You can read advice from Black Wolf on their website -
- Snowys(2 years ago)

What is the fill? Is it duck / goose down??1 answer

Is the heat rating in accordance with EN13537? What is the Temperature for a male ? and what is the extreme survival rating temp?

- 3111(3 years ago)
Hi Eric, the fill is a synthetic product called Powerloft. These bags are not tested to the EN13537 standard. I reccommend talking the ratings on Black Wolf sleeping bags as the lowest temperature an average male would get a comfortable nights sleep. There are a lot of varying factors to consider such as type of sleeping mat and an individuals metabolism, so use these ratings as a guide only.
- Snowys(3 years ago)
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