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ResQLink PLB

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While we recommend the ACR ResQLink Personal Locater Beacon (PLB), we hope you never get to use it.

Three integrated signal capabilities, the ACR ResQLink is equipped with GPS positioning, a powerful 406MHz signal, and 121.5MHz homing capability to quickly transmit your location within 100m to a worldwide search and rescue satellite system, all in a lightweight, compact and affordable package.

Easily activated by deploying the antenna and pressing a button, the ResQLink has two handy self test options to confirm unit functionality before you leave on your adventure. A built in strobe light increases visibility for authorities and the included pouch makes it easy to attach to a life vest, belt or backpack.

Tried and tested in extreme conditions, the technology used in the ResQLink PLB has saved thousands of lives and provides a level of peace of mind on top of good preparation when heading off on outdoor adventures.

  • GPS enabled pinpoints your location down to within 100m
  • 2 step activation
  • No subscription fees
  • PLB can be registered with AusBeacon
  • 5+ watts of satellite power is more effective in bad weather
  • 220 Self tests, 12 GPS tests
  • LED strobe built in         
  • COSPAS-Sarsat, FCC, Canada, R&TTE, Australia and New Zealand approvals
Snowys Code:
Supplier Code:
In Use Dimensions:
4.8W x 3.3D x 9.9H cm
Packed Dimensions:
4.8W x 3.3D x 9.9H cm
Engineered Polycarbonate Blend
Submersible to 5 Metres for 1 Hour
Output Power:
5W (406 MHz) | 50 mW +/-3dB (121.5 MHz)
Class 2 (non-hazmat) lithium
Run Time:
Exceeds 24 hrs @-20°C
Battery Replacement Interval:
6 years from manufacture | 5 years from start of service | After emergency use
COSPAS-SARSAT | FCC | Canada | R&TTE | Australia | New Zealand
220 self | 12 GPS with
0.130 Kg
5 Year
Staff tip:The ACR ResQlink has approvals in multiple countries, making it a great choice for overseas adventures.
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Aug 29 2017

So far so good

Not sure how you'd review this item. I hope I never need to use it's capabilities. It is light, seems easy to operate, packs easily into my gear, takes up a very small amount of room which is important when packing for motorcycle trips. The registration process with AMSA was easy. So as I said in the title, so far so good. If I ever need it maybe the review will be in the national news, although now I consider I, maybe just a local small item in a country newspaper. If I get rescued then all good and I'll write a follow up review. Until then, Snowy's was easy to deal with, fast delivery, good products.

- Newcastle

Is a carry pouch included in the delivery?1 answer

I was told that the pouch is make of material that will keep the "non-floating Model" afloat.' True?

- Merewethrr(6 months ago)

G'day Paul,

Yes, there is a carry pouch included, but it does not make this particular PLB float. 

- Snowys(6 months ago)

Attatchment Points1 answer

Is there a point on the device itself where it could be attached to a lanyard or carabiner? I'd rather not use the pouch.

- Perth(7 months ago)

G'day Lachlan,

The ACR ResQLink PLB comes with a wrist lanyard attached and this can be removed if you wish to attach something else. The attachment point isn't big enough to put a carabiner through, but you could attach it to the existing wrist lanyard.

- Snowys(7 months ago)

who can change the beattery,can it be done in newcastle,is it made in australia by an australian company?1 answer

who can change the beattery,can it be done in newcastle,is it made in australia by an australian company?

- Nords Wharf(8 months ago)

G'day Jeff,

As far as we can find, the battery for the ResQLink has to be changed by an authorised battery service provider. There only seems to be one authorised battery replacement centre in NSW (which I found through this link) which is M.O.S.S Australia Pty Ltd.

To find out more, just have a squiz at the manual here, or the ACR website for more information. 

I've checked the packaging and is says this product is made in the U.S.A by an American company called ACR Electronics, Inc. 

- Snowys(8 months ago)

Your advertising says this works world-wide. Is that true? Or does it have to be programmed to work in, for example, South America?1 answer

Your advertising says this works world-wide. Is that true? Or does it have to be programmed to work in, for example, South America?

- ACT(9 months ago)

G'day Alan,

Great question! Every PLB unit uses the same global frequency so there is no issue with the unit operating across the globe. The difficulty is that you need to seek the approval of local authorities to use the device in each country that you travel to. Once you have approval, you then need to register your details in each country that you visit to ensure they have your trip and contact details available.

The challenge is that some countries won't approve certain units for varying reasons. Manufacturers try to seek pre-approval on your behalf (you'll note pre-approved authorities in the specifications list on our website for the units we sell). If an authority isn't listed, this doesn't necessarily mean approval has been denied, rather that it likely hasn't been sought.

- Snowys(9 months ago)

Manufacturing Date1 answer

G'day fellas, What is the manufacturing/expiry date for the devices you have in stock?

- Melbourne(9 months ago)

G'day Abhi, 

I've just checked the stock we have of the ACR ResQlink PLB's, and what we currently have were manufactured in 2017. 

- Snowys(9 months ago)

Programmed to AUS?1 answer

Hi, Has this device been programmed to Australia?

- Sydney(10 months ago)

G'day Zach, 

I have just double checked on the packaging of the stock that we have, and yes this PLB has been programmed to use in Australia. 

- Snowys(10 months ago)

Battery life 1 answer

How long before the battery needs replacing?

- Tallangatta(2 years ago)
Hi James, ACR recommend batteries be replaced at 6 years from manufacture date, or 5 years from when it is placed into service, whichever comes first. It should also be replaced after it has bee used in an emergency.
- Snowys(2 years ago)
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