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Pressure Shower

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Quick to set up and easy to use, the 10L Companion Pressure Shower is ideal for showers and washing dishes, no batteries or electricity required.

Simply position the unit on your stove top or other heat source and heat the water to your desired temperature.

  • Features a pressure relief valve for added safety
  • Can be heated via stove or fire
  • Made of high quality stainless steel
  • Easy to use one piece hand pump pressurises the system
  • Temperature gauge
  • Support stand and carry bag included
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Packed Dimensions:
77L x 22W x 18H cm
Shower Hose Length:
2 Metres
10 L
Stainless Steel
Hand Operated
2.6 Kg
1 Year
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Aug 28 2017

Faulty shower head

Hi - solid unit that was easy to use. However it lost two stars because the connection between the hose and the shower head wasn't water tight (missing washers?). So as soon as you built up the pressure then water would gush out. Fixed it by cutting two make shift washers out of our neoprene car seats . Did the job and it was great to have a hot shower on a cold winters night! Not impressed that I now have two holes in my new seat cover.

- Brisbane
Response from Snowys Aug 30 2017

Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that your new shower was missing a few washers Ben... and that you had to sacrifice your car seats! If we can help out at all, please give us a call on 1300 914 007 - thanks for posting your review. Laine :)

Jun 06 2017


KISS principle in action - keep it simple stupid. Top item - I finally have a reliable and simple solution for a hot shower.

- 5050
Mar 18 2017

Great product, excellent customer service

We purchased this camp shower which was dead on arrival - had issues with pressure/leaking air somewhere. Snowy's was easy to contact and resolved our problem really quickly and made it a stress-free transaction. Our replacement shower works wonderfully and we are super happy with it! Would recommend!

- Coolum Beach, QLD
Aug 24 2016


First impressions good with straight forward fitting instructions. With the exceptions that you can not adjust the nozzle spray the unit was easy to operate. Initial cold/warm water test was great. But with hot water temp the spray nozzle retaining clip would release due to the hose softening. To fix this issue you need to replace the fitting with a longer barb fitting and use a small hose clamp - problem fixed.

Aug 23 2016

Camp Shower

Bloody brilliant little item. Nothing like a hot shower as a bit of a luxury when out in the sticks camping. Love it

Apr 17 2016

Fantastic shower

This is a super product. A great item and easy to use. Perfect temp every time.
Thanks for your usual great service Snowys!

- Greensborough,Vic
Feb 17 2016

Best Shower

I have many a >hot bag> shower........ what you see is what you get,,,,, great southern land isnt always sunny!?!?!
Heat this bad boy up over whatever heatsouce......
BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Ive been camping and I swear baked beans can taste better than a roast dinner in the scrub!!!!
Nothing better than a hot shower!

Dec 12 2015

Pressure Shower

An improvement on my previous system - a modified garden sprayer which has served me well. I like the fact that you can travel with this unit fully primed and loaded.
I find the pressure release valve a bit dicky - but it works.
Handy for washing dishes, hands, dirty feet, cleaning the windscreen, having water 'on-tap' - crikey, even the dog got a hot shower! I wouldn't leave home without it.

Dec 11 2015

pressure shower

Great shower. Havent used yet, but friends have one and was impressed how it worked. Will be using on our next trip for sure.

Feb 12 2015

Shower power

Used this for first time last weekend in bush camp. Heated water in solar bag for half day, very hot, then poured into this rather than heating with gas. Just like a garden spray pump, very good control and hose, no connections/wires or fiddling, overall just very good product.


Removable lid?1 answer

Hi! Is the lid removable? Thanks!

- 2101(11 months ago)

G’day Catherine,

The Companion Pressure shower doesn’t have a removable lid - it’s got a hand pump which you remove to put water in, and then you put it back in and twist to lock it.  

- Snowys(11 months ago)

Leaks everywhere?1 answer

How does the green trigger connect to the hose? I screwed mine on, however as soon as you start pumping, water comes shooting out of the base of the trigger connection. the hose has way too much play in it. There is a little white piece on the end of the hose.... its that meant to be there?

- Brisbane(1 year ago)

G'day Tanner, 

I'm so sorry for the delay in responding to your question. We've had a look at the manual, but we aren't too sure why the hose has been playing up.

I've rang Companion about your query, and they couldn't come up with an obvious answer either, but they said that a bit more detail might help get to the bottom of the problem.

They've said to give them a call directly on 1300 657 022, but if they can't give you an answer - please give us a call on 1300 914 007 and we'll try to get to figure it out. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Hi again,,does it come with a carry bag ,,my last one did?1 answer

- EAGLEBY, QLD(1 year ago)
G'day again Mike - Sure does come with a carry bag. :) Cheers, Paul
- Snowys(1 year ago)

Does this work on wood stoves?1 answer

Just wondering how it works to heat this up? Is it possible to heat it up by setting it flat on a wood heater?

- Tasmania(1 year ago)
Hi C, It sure can! This one can be heated up on your wood stove easily, just keep upright while heating. You'll need to remove the hose before heating and open the pressure release valve. Place on your heating source upright and monitor the temperature. Once desired temperature is aquired, take off the heat source, close the pressure vavle and re-attach the shower head hose. Swirl the cylinder before use to make sure you have the accurate temperature. Then add some pressure and away you go! Great way to get a hot shower out bush. Enjoy!
- Snowys(1 year ago)

Modifying pump.1 answer

We love the idea of using this unit on the gas burner we use for boiling our crabs on. Not too keen on pumping half way through a shower as I will end up doing it for wife and son. Has anybody ever successfully connected a little compressor?

- AGNES WATER, QLD(2 years ago)
I can't shed any light on this for you sorry Mark, I have never heard of anyone connecting a compressor, not can I comment on the safety of doing so. Hopefully someone with an answer will see your query and help you out.
- Snowys(2 years ago)

Is there a thermostat or temperature gauge?2 answers

I'm keen to make sure we can tell when the water is too hot so we don't scald ourselves trying to have a shower

- Mittagong(3 years ago)
Hi again Bronwyn, there is a temperature gauge in the unit, it's the bit sticking out the top right hand side of the tank in the picture.
- Snowys(3 years ago)

QWe boil a jug or Billy on the fire and put it in first. Then top it up with cold water, its the right temp for a shower.

- EAGLEBY, QLD(1 year ago)

What length is the hose? 2 answers

I want to be able to run the hose up and over a tree branch or support and down into my shower area.

- Mittagong(3 years ago)
Hi Bronwyn, from the connection to the main unit to the base of the shower head there is 2 metres of hose length, probably not enough to go up and over a branch. It is designed as a hand held shower and you need to hold the trigger in to maintain water flow, so it may not work to have the shower head suspended.
- Snowys(3 years ago)

we adapted a garden rose sprayer with a trigger. You lock the trigger down and have hands free shower, but be quick the bigger nozzle uses up the water faster. Alternitively you can clip the button on the green nozzle down with pegs or rubber bands,,,we have done that too.

- EAGLEBY, QLD(1 year ago)
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