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Odour−B−Gone Holding Tank Toilet Tablets 40 x 30g

Odour-B-Gone Holding Tank Tablets 40 Pack

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Odour−B−Gone RV Toilet Tablets

Odour-B-Gone RV Toilet Tablets

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Odour-B-Gone has created an easier way to sanitize and keep your portable toilet clean and fresh whilst on the road, without the need for messy liquids.

These toilet tablets are clean, environmentally friendly and much easier to use than liquids available for portable toilets. With the Odour-B-Gone products, you can sanitize, clean and maintain the cleanliness of your amenities both on the road and in storage.

The tablet form of the product makes it easy to store and easier to transport than bottles of liquid, they are an Australian owned company and their products are Australian made.

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