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LifeStraw sowed its roots in 1994 based on the need for a water filter to remove Guinea worm lava from water, Life Straw's parent company, Vestergaard, designed a cloth filter which evolved into a pipe or, straw, of which to date more than 37 million of these filters contributed to the near eradication of the disease.

In 2005 the LifeStraw as we know it today was born, a compact and lightweight portable water purifier straw. This version had evolved into a personal filter to give people in developing countries access to safe drinking water as well as for use in natural disasters.

Nowadays LifeStraw has expanded their range to include institutional filters, drink bottles with integrated filters and high volume portable water storage for group expeditions, catering to the needs of organisations and individuals alike. Whether you're a camper, traveller, trekker or adventurer, there's a LifeStraw product that will ensure you have safe drinking water no matter what your destination.

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