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It was December 2004. Water treatment expert Michael Pritchard sat seething at his dining table, the television blaring with bad news as the Boxing Day Tsunami hit the south and southeast of Asia. Shy of a year later Hurricane Katrina struck America’s southeast, instigating numerous days of inadequate freshwater access. Both natural disasters forced affected communities to either drink polluted water or die.

One person can’t save hundreds of thousands of lives – until they do. It was over the course of the subsequent months, from the garage bench to the lunch table, when Pritchard set to work on the design and creation of the LifeSaver bottle.

Made in Britain, LifeSaver products are reliable in converting dirty water into that which is clean, safe, and drinkable. Bottles, jerrycans, cubes and tanks – LifeSaver has been tried and tested around the globe, saving lives from trekkers to backpackers, campers to preppers, and travellers to charities.

LifeSaver’s expert purification and filtration technology provides the essential means for survival when freshwater resources are scarce. Be it a rugged cliff face or some of the world’s harshest disaster zones, their inbuilt, unique ultra-filtration system serves both the adventurers and the survivors.

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