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John Chapman Overland Track Guide Book − Front cover

John Chapman Overland Track Guide Book

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John Chapman

It would be safe to say that if you're on any bushwalking trail in Australia, then the sole of John Chapman's shoes have also trodden the same ground. John has been bushwalking since 1971, and despite endeavours into rock climbing and canoeing, bushwalking became the activity that consumed much of his leisure time.

He has spent time as a professional guide both in Tasmania's South West and in Nepal where he tried some mountaineering, but what John is perhaps best known for is his contributions to WILD magazine and his series of guidebooks that cover bushwalking in every corner of Australia.

These guidebooks have been written by John along with his wife Monica and feature detailed descriptions of each trail section with distance indicators, along with colour pictures, maps, cross sections and brief detail about the history, flora and fauna in each area. These books are a must have for keen bushwalkers and beginners alike.

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