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Event 14 Deluxe Sun Shelter + Sunwall

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Do you have a large beach/picnic-loving family? Well you’ll need a pretty big sun shelter, right? Enter the spacious Coleman Event 14 Deluxe.

Boasting a 150 denier canopy that is rated to UPF50+, this shelter won’t only keep you dry in a downpour but safe from the fierce summer sun. It meets the CPAI-84 fire retardant standard, which offers protection if the BBQ gets a little too close. Easy to set up with 8 stock-corded poles, this sunshade has a whopping 2.3m internal height which’ll accommodate even the tallest family member.

A peggable 'sunwall' is included allowing for wind protection and privacy, making the Event 14 Deluxe the ultimate all-weather beach shade for the extended family.  

  • 150D/185T fabric
  • UPF50+ rated
  • Includes 1 x sunwall
  • Comes with a wheeled carry bag
  • Additional sunwalls can be purchased seperately


Snowys Code:
Supplier Code:
External Dimensions:
426L x 426W cm
Packed Dimensions:
102L x 29W x 25H cm
Max. Head Height:
233 cm
150D 185T Polyester
Frame Material:
18.1 Kg
1 Year
Staff tip:Make sure you peg your gazebo down, especially if left unattended.
4.8 13
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Nov 17 2016

Worth its weight in gold!

This was a sensational purchase! It will make or break your camping experience!! My partner (who is vertically challenged) and I put this up and if I wasn’t 6’4”, we would have had a few issues at first. The second time we used it on a beach with 4 people helping us and it was up in about 4 minutes. It was 35 degrees that day and windy but the Coleman shelter took it all in her stride. A ‘must’ for any full-bodied camping experience. You will not regret purchasing it! Unless you’re by yourself in which case you’re going to have issues . . .

- 4152
Oct 17 2016

extra space

loved it, easy to assemble and with stood some pretty significant winds.

- Cairns
Sep 16 2016

Excellent gazebo solution

Covers our teardrop camper very well, providing rain (and some breeze) protection. Quite difficult to erect *initially* - dramatically improved subsequently (15 minutes). This is the heavy duty one - I understand that the "non-deluxe" model is quite a different proposition. We're very pleased with it to put up, shelter under, and dismantle. A bit heavy at 23 kg, mainly from the steel tubes which provide strength, & more robust than lighter aluminium would be. Excellent value = Snowy's.

Sep 03 2016

Great camping addition

Great shelter, more than enough room for everything.

Jun 30 2016

Worked Well

This is the second one of these we've had. The heavier canopy is even better - kept out rain and handled fairly strong winds. Two adults can set up in 10-15 minutes once they know how to sequence putting the poles up (the first time takes longer!!). A good value product.

- Canberra
Jun 23 2016

Happy Camper

We put it up as soon as it came. It was easy for two people and it actually fit back into t he bag it came in. We are really looking forward to summer and using it. There is heaps of room and lots of height. I love it!

Mar 17 2016

Awesome shelter

So much room under here, wouldn't camp without it. just ordered a second wall to help keep the rain out. Snowys service is fantastic, our cover had a defect and they sent us an extra so now we have a spare.

Feb 24 2016

Great shelter

I love this shelter. Super big and so easy to put up and pack away.

Jan 15 2016

Brilliant - Withstands incredible wind.

This shelter is just fantastic - I can't rave enough about it. We took it down to a caravan park by the beach for a week's stay - overnight the wind was belting. We kept it up the entire time and had absolutely no issues with it's integrity at all! So pleased - absolutely worth the $$$

Jan 05 2016

Coleman 14

great product and completely waterproof

- Oakdale

event 14 deluxe just purchased one from you can i buy 3 extra walls thanks 1 answers

- Runaway Bay Gold Coast(3 months ago)

G’day Ian, you most certainly can purchase extra walls for your Coleman Event 14 Deluxe Shelter and Sunwall. Just search this product code in the search bar: 33101 select the number you’d like, and then follow the prompts to purchase.

- Snowys(3 months ago)

Deluxe vs regular shelter1 answers

Hi, just wondering if can tell me the key difference between this deluxe version and the normal Coleman Event 14 sun shelter. I appreciate this has a thicker denier, however it appears to have the same waterhead and UPF rating as the standard, so I'm confused as to what the benefit of the deluxe is? thanks

- DRUMMOYNE, NSW(4 months ago)

Hi Sonja, the only difference is exactly what you’ve found – and that’s in the quality of the material. The deluxe has 150 denier which is double the weight of the regular (75 denier), so if you’re going to use the shelter every other week then I’d get the deluxe but if you’re only going to bring it out once or twice a year then the regular is probably more suitable for you.

- Snowys(4 months ago)

Replaceable Cover1 answers

We have a normal event 14 that we have had for around 3 years. Are replaceable covers available or do we have to buy a whole new shelter as ours is starting to develop holes? I would like to replace with the heavier duty cover rather then the lighter one for more water proofness as we do get water leak through the other one. Seems pointless replacing the whole shelter when the frame is still in top condition

- Mackay(6 months ago)
Hi Heather, We don't normally stock these seperately, though we do happen to have one in-stock. Can you please call us on 1300 914 007 to have a chat about this one. We're not open on Tuesday due to the public holiday, but if you don't reach us before close of business to day, I have put aside the canopy by my colleagues work desk with a note attached.
- Snowys(6 months ago)

Rust1 answers

I've used mine about 3 times now and had it for about a month. The last time it was raining for a day or so. I put it up again when I got home the next day to dry out and when I was packing up noticed that the poles were starting to get rusty on the ends, and the hooks attached to the material also had some minor signs of rust. I know it's not a rain shelter, but I think it's reasonable that outdoor gear is going to get wet sometimes. Is it usual to have a little surface rust like this?

- Brisbane(7 months ago)

G'day Nathan - A little surface rust may occur if the coating of the metal bits is scuffed and/or if the shelter is damp in storage. If you pack it away wet, do unbundle and dry it out as soon as possible. If you think the pole components might be faulty, by all means send our warranty guy, Corey, an email and he can investigate further: Hope that helps. Cheers, Paul

- Snowy(7 months ago)

Poles comin apart2 answers

Hi, On a recent trip when dismantling my Event 14 Gazebo one of the poles came completely apart from the rest. I was hoping for some advice on how to re-join the spring/elastic/chain parts from the two sections. Many thanks, Phil

- NORWOOD, SA(7 months ago)
G'day Phil - Doh! That's no good. Best bet, can you flick our warranty guy, Corey, an email with some photos of the issue? His email is: We'll assess it and go from there. Cheers, Paul
- Snowys(7 months ago)
Hi Phil, we don't have that pole but we should be able to get one in for you. Give us a call on 1300 914 007 and we can sort this out for you.
- Snowys(7 months ago)

Do you have additional walls in the deluxe fabric?1 answers

Do you have the additional walls in the deluxe version or just the standard one.

- SYDNEY, NSW(8 months ago)
Hi Tom, the side walls only come in the one fabric, we do have these in stock.
- Snowys(8 months ago)

Does the additional sun walls do they a zipper in the middle to act like a door way1 answers

- PENNANT HILLS, NSW(8 months ago)
It doesn't unfortunately Justin, there is only one side wall available and there are no central zips to create a doorway.
- Snowys(8 months ago)

Height of entrance arch1 answers

Please could you tell me height of entrance? Wondering if would suit a Tourer 9 tent close to it/front under arch for dry tent exit in rain, and also would give lots of shade/rain protection for seating and cooking?

- Bunbury(8 months ago)
I don't have this detail sorry David, nor do I have one pitched in the shop to check for you at the moment. We have had them on display previously though, so I asked around our sales team to see if they could remember how high the arch was. Conclusion was that those of us that are just over 180 cm remember having to duck slightly to get under the shelter, so it's safe to assume that the height in the middle of the arch is around 180 cm. I hope this is enough information for you.
- Snowys(8 months ago)

Coleman event 14 premium1 answers

What are the length of the pegs for the foundation? If I require longer metal pegs do you sell them and will they go through the eyelets?

- GLANDORE, SA(11 months ago)
The pegs are 23 cm Andrew, and about 5 cm diameter. You can purchase larger pegs from our website, pegs are located under the 'Tents & Shelters' menu, the feet will accommodate pegs up to 9 mm diameter.
- Snowys(11 months ago)

Is this the heavy duty one?1 answers

- Adelong(12 months ago)
It is Tam. The canopy is 150 denier as opposed to the lighter weight 75 denier version.
- Snowys(12 months ago)

Hot under canopy compared to tarp?1 answers

Had older Coleman Event 14 but it leaked along seams and it was too hot under it so quickly replaced it with Oztrail Ultrarig Tarp which was significantly cooler to sit under but its takes too long to set up. Is the new Event 14 150D canopy cooler to sit underneath than the older version? How does it compare to the Oztrail Ultrarig Tarps? Does it still leak along the seams?

- Brisbane(1 year ago)
It shouldn't leak Ben, but it will be comparable in terms of heat to the older canopy you are referring to. The Ultra-Rig tarps, will block out more light than the Event 14 canopy, this is probably where you are noticing the difference in heat underneath the shelter.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

Can you get extra side walls and how much?1 answers

- Illabo(1 year ago)
You can purchase additional side walls for this gazebo which add weather protection and privacy. They are currently in stock and you can see them by simply entering the code: 33101 into our search bar.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

Do you sell the mesh walls for these rather than the sun walls?1 answers

I'd like to get mesh walls for this shelter. Also do you sell the "mesh wall with door", I have seen on European and UK Coleman sites.

- PERTH, WA(1 year ago)
Hi Hilary, we have the mesh walls, but not on our website a the moment. We are unable to get the models with doorways in Australia sorry. I will list the mesh walls on our website today for you.
- Snowys(1 year ago)

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