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Leisure Mat Double

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With an Oztrail Leisure Mat Double Self Inflating Mat, you never have to stress about waking up to a punctured sleeping mat, as it stays in a lofted state – even if it gets a hole!

This mat has a high flow two-way flip valve, which reduces inflation time, helps prevent air escaping, and makes rolling it up a lot easier. The top is made from easy to clean brushed velour for a soft feel, and this mat features high-density open cell foam for plenty of comfort. It also has a boxed sidewall construction which adds more edge support and helps with inflation.

When it’s time to head home, this mat packs away with the storage straps and carry bag that’s included. Get a reliable rest on your car camping expeditions, with the Leisure Mat Double Self-Inflating Mat from Oztrail.  

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Ideal for car camping
  • Never deflates…even when punctured
  • Boxed side wall construction
  • High-density open cell foam
  • Easy to clean velour surface
  • High flow 2-way flip valve 
Snowys Code:
Supplier Code:
External Dimensions:
195L x 127W cm
Packed Dimensions:
132L x 30W x 30H cm
Mat Thickness:
10 cm
Brushed Velour PVC Vinyl
Fill Material:
High Density Open Cell Foam
Self Inflating
8 Kg
Suggested Use:
1 Year
Staff tip:These mats come rolled tight from the factory and can take some time to fully inflate for the first time. We recommend giving them a couple of weeks to reach their fully inflated potential.
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Oct 10 2017

So comfortable

Very happy with this mattress/ mat. Give it a few good days to fully inflate. A great buy!

- Bundaberg East, QLD
May 22 2017

Comfortable mat

Very comfortable mat easily set up and I can roll it up really tight and easy by myself the only down fall would probably be the bag it comes in. I'll defiantly have to get waterproof bag for it to store on the roof racks as it is pretty big.

- Sydney
May 19 2017

Easy and comfortable

Used this in a tent a few times now. We let it loft for about two weeks before packing it up again for the first trip, just like the Snowy's website suggested. Now it lofts easily in an afternoon, but it's still really easy to roll it down smaller than the bag it came in.

It's super comfortable, and doesn't bounce like an air bed if the other person moves around.

Like any inflatable mattress, the material tends to be cold and damp if you lie in direct contact. I recommend using a blanket or mattress protector covered by a sheet, The felt surface means the bedding won't slide around underneath you.

- Goolwa
Apr 14 2016

Comfy mattress

We use the mattress in the back of a 4WD (Subaru Forester, 2011). Works like a charm and is super comfy. The only thing is maybe that putting a sheet on top is needed due to the plastic velours topcoat of the mattress.

Apr 11 2016

Easy & Comfortable

This Double 4WD Mat is great. plenty of room for 2 people. I can roll up by myself quite easy and Im no spring chicken and not very tall. Just takes a little longer for me to do it. Trick is to kneel on it as you're rolling it up. Fits into my small car easily. I team it up with a pop up tent.

Mar 24 2016


Gave this mat a test run at home and found that it inflated quickly. Very comfy to sleep on. Given it's generous size, it does need two people to roll and pack but sure is better than those thin, "sure to puncture" blow up kind!

Oct 26 2015

Very comfy!

Rolled this out on the back of my ute, left it for an hour or so, came back to see it fully inflated. Was super comfortable for myself and my hot date!

Oct 11 2015

comfy and sturdy

Great product. We found it comfortable when on stretcher beds and big enough for us both.

Aug 05 2015

Sleeping mat self inflating.

After all these years sleeping on inflatable air beds we finally upgraded to the Oz Trail self inflating mattress. What a difference, no more cold air under you during the night, and comfort A+. Easy to roll up with two people and light to carry. Serious campers would love these.

- Canberra
Jun 26 2015

pain to roll up

We swapped two king singles for one double. Way better to sleep on, quicker to set up and takes up less room, however it does take two to roll it up, which is a bit annoying.
, but i guess the many positives out way the one negative.Very comfy to sleep on...

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Hi Has anyone used this mattrres camling on hard river ground?1 answer

Camping on hard ground

- Broken Hill(3 days ago)

G'day Kristy, 

You shouldn't have any issue using this mat on hard river ground, as it's quite a thick mat - just as long as it's inside a tent or swag of course. 

- Snowys(2 days ago)

2 valves on matress1 answer

Hi , i just received my mattress (thanks for such quick delivery) my mattress come with 2 valve (nothing wrong with that) but inside there is a very thin plastic ring with a nob , one side says inflate the other deflate , what is the purpose of it? Cheers

- cundinup(2 months ago)

G'day Michel,

What you have described is a new feature of the valve that assists with making the inflate and deflate process a little easier. Depending on how you position the ring, is how the valve controls the flow of air. The benefit here is especially when packing the mat down as the valve will allow for air to exhale, without inhaling air again at the same time.

- Snowys(2 months ago)

When can i get the mats??1 answer

If i order now, when can i get the mats??

- Melbourne(5 months ago)

G'day Jeonghyun,

Oztrail is telling us that we should expect to receive the mats sometime this week. We then process Pre-Orders as soon as they arrive and it takes about 1-3 business days to arrive in Melbourne.

- Snowys(5 months ago)

How long does it take to inflate?1 answer

Hi folks I noticed in emily's answer on 'how to store this mattress' that she said 'it takes a few days to inflate'. Is that right? Seems a little excessive if you're using it for camping and want to be able to store it between nights.

- Erskineville (1 year ago)

Hi Martin,

I do apologise for the confusion there, what I should have written is that the Oztrail Double 4WD mat will take 1-2 days to inflate the first time you use it. 

After the first inflation, it should take a couple of minutes to be in a fully lofted state, and to pack down it would be a maximum of ten minutes. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Is this a bonded mattress?1 answer

Hi, I was wondering whether this is a bonded mattress?

- Sydney(1 year ago)

Howdy Greg. Great question on bonded mattresses.

This particular Double 4WD Mat is glued rather than bonded. The benefits of bonding are that the fabric is firmly adhered to the inner foam, providing a bond that prevents ballooning of the mattress when weight is applied to it. This means that the air can only go between you and the ground and aids significantly to its comfort levels and a great nights sleep.

It is highly recommended that a pump is not used to inflate these mattresses as it can compromise the glue or bonding and cause it to separate. Before its first use it is best to unroll and let the mattress self inflate for a few hours to allow the foam to regain its correct characteristics and this will get faster each time you use it.


- Snowys(1 year ago)

How do you store them?.1 answer

Hi could you please tell me how this matresses are required to be stored between use. Thankyou.

- 2570(1 year ago)

G'day Jo,

I do apologise for the delay in asnwering your question, I'm not sure what happened there over the weekend. 

I've just looked into this for you, and you can either store the Oztrail 4WD mat in its lofted state under a bed or behind the couch, or you can undo the valves and roll it up for storage - it's totally up to you. 

Leaving it lofted is generally the easier option, as it takes a few days to inflate so it will save you time for future trips. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)
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