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Waeco CFX 75DZW Fridge + Cover


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If you’ve been holding out on getting a portable dual zone fridge as you can’t find the right size, then the CFX-75DZW from Dometic Waeco is exactly what you need.

With the same height as the 95DZW, but a smaller footprint, you can still hold up to 113 cans of drinks in this model. With two separate compartments that can be controlled as either a fridge or freezer, you’ll be able to get the most out of this model on the road. You can control and monitor your CFX via their app using Wi-Fi Connection. This app allows you to control and monitor the temperature, and it will inform you when the lid is open for longer than 3 minutes. Now you can keep your food and bevvies under control without having to pull over or get up from your seat.

The display is now also dimmable, which makes it easier to use in low-light conditions. The drain plugs in this unit make it easy to clean if it starts getting a little grubby, while the three included baskets make it a breeze to separate and organise the interior of your fridge. The energy-efficient LED interior lights to make it easy to see what you’ve got in there in low light conditions, and the three included baskets help you organise your fridge efficiently.

Not too big, and not too small – the CFX-75DZW will house all your food and drinks on your next tour or camping trip without taking up too much space in the back of your vehicle.

  • Includes FREE genuine Waeco cover
  • WiFi enabled
  • Download app on Google Play or in the App Store
  • Dimmable display
  • Detachable lid, LED interior light and USB charging point
  • Holds 113 cans
  • Robust stainless-steel hinges
  • Drain plugs for easy cleaning
  • New footprint that’s smaller than CFX 95DZW (but same height as CFX 95DZW)
  • Energy efficient LED interior lights
  • Separate compartments independently controlled as either fridge or freezer
  • 3 baskets included (1 with removable divider)
Snowys Code:
Supplier Code:
External Dimensions:
88.7L x 49.5D x 47.2H cm
Packed Dimensions:
88.7L x 49.5D x 47.2H cm
Internal Dimensions:
38.1W x 33.1D x 35.5H cm (x2)
Insulation Thickness:
5 cm
Cable Length:
12V 1.5 Metres | 240V 1.92 Metres
Gross 45L & 30L Compartment (75L) | Storage 70L
Approx. Drink Capacity:
113 Cans | Upright Riesling bottle
Polypropylene | Nylon & Steel Handle | Stainless Steel Components
CFC-free Polyurethane Foam
Power Consumption:
2.9 Ah/h @12V, 3°C Large Compartment, -15°C Small Compartment, 32°C ambient | 9.2A Maximum
Output Power:
1 x USB 5V/500 mA
Genuine Waeco
Temperature Range:
10°C to -22°C
31 Kg
3+2 Year

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4.9 7
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Jun 17 2018

Fantastic Fridge

Great fridge, was handy being able to monitor the temp and battery voltage from the app while driving. She's a big fridge but we had plenty of rom for all our food for 4 days away, and spare room. Kept each zone on 3deg and it worked a treat!

- Exmouth
Jun 12 2018

Awesome product

Brilliant fridge/freezer duo, does a great job, very reliable & sturdily built. Highly recommended. Snowys a pleasure to deal with, very prompt and efficient service and delivery A+ rated would deal with again. Wouldn't go back to an Engel!

- 2343
Apr 30 2018


First time using Snowys and it wont be my last. Service was fantastic with super fast delivery to Sydney. Couldn't be happier with the Waeco. Like another reviewer mentioned it's a big unit so do your measurements to make sure it will fit.

Apr 26 2018

Big and a easy to use.

Snowys service and delivery was great. Please open up a store in WA so I can get last minute stuff without having to wait for postage.
This fridge was big enough for my family of 5 to go camping for 4 days. I am used to a 38L Engle. When the missus gave me the food to put in the 75L Waeco I was preparing to take some beer out to make space but it all fit! Thats a big win.
The two seperate compartments and baskets arrangement works well and help minimise power consumption due to shorter opening times and good food organisation.
When I tested it prior to camping I thought it was power thirsty as the 50Ah auxillary battery couldnt keep it running overnight. But the cable was also a bit light. So I upgraded the battery to 100Ah and reran a much heavier cable and it hasnt missed a beat since. Even on a day where we only drove the car for 10min the fridge stayed below 4degC with the battery protection setting set to high. But the ambient temp was a nice 20degC so not a true outback test.

It is a big unit so check your boot space prior to buying. I also bought the slider from Dometic that suits this fridge which is a bit pricey for what it is but worked well and there are not many aftermarket options for this fridge size yet.

Only suggestion for Waeco is to make the bag top flaps go the same way as the fridge covers so it is quicker to open and close with the bag on.

- Perth
Apr 05 2018

Unreal fridge

Great service from Snowys. Fantastic fridge freezer really low power consumption for its size, constantly sits within 2 degrees of the temps I had it set on. 👍

- Gladstone Central, QLD
Mar 30 2018


This is exactly as advertised.It arrived in good condition and my husband was excited to get it.

- Moerr
Jan 11 2018


Service from snowys outdoors was unreal but the fridge freezer came not working at no fault of snowys.

- Melbourne Airport, VIC
Response from Snowys Jan 12 2018

G'day Tah,

I hope it's all sorted - if not, please give us a call (1300 914 007) when you have a free minute. Laine

Power drain 1 answer

Does the cfx95 use more to power

- Ormiston (7 months ago)

G'day Peter,

Yes, the Dometic Waeco CFX75DZW Fridge uses marginally less power on average than the CFX95DZW does. 

- Snowys(6 months ago)

Power drain1 answer

How much power does draw

- Ormiston (7 months ago)

I had to hunt around to find this info Peter, Dometic doesn't display this detail as obviously as their other models. Power consumption for the 75L is 2.9 Ah/h and 7.9A Max at 12V DC. I hope this helps, I've updated our product page with this info too. 

- Snowys(6 months ago)

Can you use just one half?1 answer

Hello, does it allow you to switch one side off completely if you only want to use say the 30L side for a day trip?

- Perth(8 months ago)

G'day Dave,

I've just had a trawl through the user manual of the Dometic Waeco CFX 75DZW Fridge and you can operate just one side at a time. 

- Snowys(8 months ago)

Independent control of compartments1 answer

Just wanting to confirm that both compartments can be controlled separately as in the the cfx-95dzw? I'm a bit confused as I've read elsewhere that in the 75 they are actually both cooled from the compressor on the freezer side and therefore the fridge temp depends on what comes across the divider from the freezer temp? Hope that makes sense, thanks.

- Melbourne(10 months ago)

G'day Krystal,

There has been a bit of confusion with the Dometic Waeco CFX 75DZW Fridge Freezer in recent times, but I can confirm for you that they do have two totally different sections that you can control separately. So you can have one set as a freezer and the other as a fridge if you'd like to.

- Snowys(10 months ago)

Door hinges1 answer

Just wondering if it is possible to have one of the two doors to swing open the opposite way or do they both have to swing the same.

- Perth(1 year ago)

G'day Simon,

Great question. Unfortunately, from sussing out the Dometic Waeco CFX 75DZW Fridge Freezer myself, both doors need to swing the same way.

- Snowys(1 year ago)
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Heads up! Our store in Brendale (QLD) doesn’t have footwear available for fittings. If you order online, your footwear will be sent from SA... quick-smart!
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