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Blues Hog

From the wood chunks to the charcoal lumps, spice jars to marinade tubs, and sauces to rubs – Blues Hog had humble beginnings.

Founder Bill Arnold was raised by his grandmother in Tennessee, fostering his ever-keen craving for cooking. He became the man behind the Blues Hog legend from a young age when he was awoken by a vicious dog fight in the early hours of the morning. Bill was urged to take charge of turning the hog so his peers could tend to the brawl. As he manned the flames dancing in the firepit, and swayed to a Yankee’s fiddle – he was affectionately named the ‘Blues Hog’.

Since the 80s, Blues Hog bolsters that burning desire for backyard barbecuing – seasoned with love and burning long, slow, and clean to this day.

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