Withdrawn Butane Cannister Stoves


If you have not already heard, the New South Wales and South Australian governments have banned the sale of butane cannister or ‘lunchbox’ style stoves.

This problem relates to the pressure relief valve, and until further testing we will not know which stoves are compliant with the Australian Standard.

Banned Butane Cannister StovesWhat should you do?

  • At this stage a recall has not been issued.
  • We recommend you keep your butane canister stove aside until further testing is undertaken by Australian Gas Certifying bodies to ascertain which stoves comply with their standards.
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Gas stove safety

It is easy to be complacent when it comes to gas stoves; we need to remind ourselves to:

  • Follow manufacturer’s guidelines for the use of your stove.
  • Store and transport gas cylinders and canisters in a safe manner.
  • Check connections for leaks before lighting, a spray bottle of soapy water is handy for this.
  • Avoid using large pots, barbeque plates or windshields that cause heat to build up around the stove.
  • Always use your stove in well ventilated areas.

For more information and a list of stoves approved for sale see the sa.gov.au website.

Update March 16, 2015: As it stands the stoves are still withdrawn from sale and we are hoping for a clear direction by next week regarding our brands. Our suppliers are doing whatever is required to make sure their products are compliant with gas safety standards.

Update August 28, 2015: New and improved models are on their way, we are expecting stock in September and we’ll have them on our website as soon as we receive them.

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