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The key to avoiding fatigue on any trail bike adventure is a good nights rest. So it goes without saying that sleeping arrangements are important!

The climate your adventure bike riding takes you into will depict your choice of bedding, and more preparation is required if you haven’t planned to arrive at campsites each night.

If road and track conditions are affected by weather, or you are held up by mechanical failures, you may need to set up a roadside camp.

So what options are available for those of us that are adventure bound on two wheels?

Sleeping bag

For starters, you’ll need a sleeping bag. My sleeping bag choice is weather dependent, below 0°C rated sleeping bag for the cold, and above 0°C rating when it’s warm.

The clothes you wear, what you eat and what you are sleeping on all affect your comfort levels in a sleeping bag. If you’re confused by all the ratings, this guide to Understanding Sleeping Bag Temperature Ratings may help.

The ever-reliable swag

A Swag is a great choice for most weather conditions. The Darche Urban Ranger Solo Swag is perfect for adventure bike riding, it’s compact and at 7kg is easy to manage on the back of a road or dirt bike.

Oztrail Biker Swag on back of motorbike

For an even lighter weight option, check out the Oztrail Biker Swag.

A hiking tent

A lightweight tent comes in very handy not only to sleep in but also as shelter for cooking.

But if sleeping out in the open is not your thing, a lightweight compact dome tent with an air mattress and sleeping bag is the way to go.

Most late model bikes come with a cigarette accessory plug so you can carry a compact pump to inflate your mat, and with the right pump, you can also inflate your tyres.

For older model bikes these 12V accessory plugs are very easy to install, the guys at Electric Bug can help.

Black Wolf make a fantastic range of lightweight tents. The Mantis I at just 2.2kg is great on the motorbike and doubles up for use hiking, kayaking and mountain biking, a great choice if you’re an all-around adventurer like myself.

An ultra-compact bivvy

I first heard the term Bivouac when I watched Charlie Boorman Riding in the Race to Dakar. A bivouac is “a temporary shelter or camp for sleeping outdoors, that is not a tent”… I fell in love with this term.

A bivvy is a little more than this, it’s more of a minimalist tent. The Black Wolf Cocoon Bivy weighs in at just 1.3kg, packs down small and is a must-have on any adventure bike packing list.

Mother Nature doesn’t always go to plan, but you can make adventure bike riding comfortable, no matter the climate, with the right gear and your own plan.

For more information on sleeping choices for your trail bike adventures, check out this article – Motorcycle Camping – Swags vs Tents

Check in with Bianca for any advice you want on rail bike adventures by asking a question in the comments section below.

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