Ep98 – Staying Safe on the Road

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From tedious traffic, detours, and re-directions…

…to beating the heat, sleet, and wet conditions – in this episode, Ben and Lauren take the wheel and steer the Snowys Camping Show in a new direction.

Buckle in for their detailed discussion on road safety more extensive than the Sturt Highway, touching on the plans to make and the precautions to take ahead of your next road trip.

Prepare to take the nearest exit onto the Snowys Expressway!

A vehicle travelling along a winding road, with the ocean to the left.

Ben and Lauren steer the Snowys Camping Show in a new direction! Credit: Visit Victoria


00:00 – Intro

01:17 – New Gear

04:39 – Packing Your Car

05:33 – Weather Conditions

07:19 – Traffic Conditions

07:39 – Planning Your Departure

08:25 – Regular Breaks

09:21 – Keep Your Windscreen Clean

10:05 – Stay Alert

10:49 – Share the Driving

12:04 – Coffee

13:29 – Practice and Awareness

16:24 – Night Driving

18:31 – UHF Radio Channels

19:57 – Sharing the Road with Trucks

21:39 – Overtaking Trucks

25:11 – Making Space

25:52 – Slipstream

 27:07 – Passing Trucks

28:28 – Summary

29:30 – Story of the Week (…Sort Of)

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New Gear:

Sea to Summit: new dry bag and stuff sack range

Lowe Alpine


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