Ep102 – Sleeping Bags Unpacked

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In this episode, Ben and Lauren bivvy down on the basic, pared-back sleeping bag.

From packed size and zip configuration to fills, fabrics, and brand-specific jargon – tune in for the core considerations when selecting your all-round alfresco cocoon!

Four happy campers are standing or squatting, wrapped in a sleeping bag.

We bivvy down on what to consider when choosing a basic sleeping bag for your next camping adventure. Image: Coleman


00:00 – Intro

00:42 – New Studio!

02:43 – The Context Around the Topic

05:33 – Sleeping Bags for Car Camping

06:50 – Zip Configuration

08:05 – Packed Size

08:55 – Width and Overall Usage

09:35 – Materials

11:12 – Cold Mountain Vs Cold Mountain Canvas

13:03 – Durability

13:55 – Fabric Outers and Inners

14:44 – Liners

17:17 – Hoods

19:42 – Temperature Ratings

23:16 – Fills

25:50 – Warmth

28:30 – Brand-Specific Terminology

30:03 – Sleeping Surfaces Make a Difference!

31:49 – Summary

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