Ep121 – Off-Grid Communication

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‘Don’t call me unless it’s an emergency’ should be taken just as seriously as ‘don’t talk to me until I’ve had my morning coffee.’

In this episode, Ben and Lauren discuss the kind of communication that requires a gadget caught between the all-out, ‘get me out’, sending-out-an-SOS Personal Locator Beacon, and the in-range, down-the-road, yarn-with-Mum mobile phone.

From connecting to satellites and choosing the right device, to navigating, recharging, and maintenance – we’re sending our own important message to every outdoor adventurer ahead of their next off-grid escape.

Hand holding a smart phone and a Zoleo.

Ben and Lauren discuss the gadget that falls between the Personal Locator Beacon and the mobile phone. Image: Zoleo


00:00 – Intro

02:06 – Citizen Band (CB) or Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) Radios

03:21 – Short- and Long-Distance Communication

06:36 – Connecting to Satellites

07:09 – Satellite Communication Networks

08:50 – Satellite Navigation Systems

09:35 – Satellite Phones

11:24 – Satellite-Based Communication Devices

14:02 – Zoleo

14:40 – Spot Messenger

15:43 – Choosing the Right Device

18:02 – Maintenance and Recharging

18:26 – Starlink

21:58 – Summary

Mentioned in this Episode:


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Zoleo Global Satellite Communicator

Spot Satellite Messenger


Iridium Satellite Communication Network

Thuraya Satellite Communication Network

GLONASS Satellite Navigation System

COSPAS-SARSAT International Satellite System

GALILEO Global Navigation Satellite System


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