Why You Should Take a Jaffle Iron Camping


I have had a Jaffle Iron in my camp kit for well over 10 years. It’s done thousands of kilometres all over the country, so it should look well used and provided numerous tasty meals for my family along the way, right?

Well, that’s not the case with mine.

Dusting off my jaffle iron

Whilst I was packing for a recent outback trip, I dusted the ash off my camp oven, excited at the prospect of eating delicious damper, curries and pizzas over the fire.

Then the shiny, unused appearance of my Jaffle Iron made me take notice, and consider if I should take it on another trip, only for it to return home unused – again.

Well, in the end, the jaffle iron made it into the vehicle, and I headed off with an intent to bring it back blackened by coals and covered in ash.

The jaffle iron is a campfire cooking classic.

Testing it out

I had a recipe in mind, consisting of a fairly crude dough of flour, oil and water, with a baked bean filling…for some reason I felt like I would be cheating if I were to use bread.

The result: a somewhat plain but crispy dough with a warm baked bean filling that both myself and my family loved. Clearly I have been ignorant and missing out, why didn’t I embrace the jaffle iron years ago? Can I still call myself a camper?

After finally discovering how great jaffle irons are, I’ve come up with some reasons why you should take one camping on your next trip.

Why you should take a jaffle iron camping:

1. It’s simple and easy to use

It’s about as simple as camp cooking can get. Even the kids (with a little help) can get involved in making dinner.

2. Surprisingly versatile

You have the option of making a savoury or sweet jaffle and you can create a brekkie jaffle, a lunch jaffle, dinner jaffle or a desert jaffle – and there are endless combinations to try depending on how creative you get.

3. No need for plates or for washing up

As you can eat in just one hand, there’s no need to set up cutlery and plates, or clean up dirty crockery after your meal.

Test out your jaffle iron cooking skills over the campfire.

Recipe combinations to try:

There are so many sweet and savoury combinations you could try on your next camping trip:

  • Breakfast jaffle – bacon and fried egg.
  • Pizza jaffle – your favourite toppings, tomato sauce and cheese.
  • Traditional jaffle – baked beans and cheese.
  • Dessert jaffle – nutella and banana.

I can’t wait to use my jaffle iron on my next adventure

Now I am itching to go camping again, just so I can refine my recipe and try new ingredients. I’ll use new fillings, maybe use milk or beer in the dough, or even make it properly with some yeast so it is lighter. Or maybe I’ll just keep it simple and use bread.


So enlighten me camp chef’s, fast track my jaffle iron culinary skills and let me in on your secrets to creating the ultimate jaffle below.

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