Let’s Talk about the Jaffle Iron


I have had a Jaffle Iron in my camp kit for well over 10 years.

It’s done thousands of kilometres all over the country, it should look well used and provided numerous tasty meals for my family along the way, right?

Not in this case.

Dusting off my jaffle iron

Whilst packing for a recent outback trip, I dusted the ash off my camp oven excited at the prospect of damper, curries and pizzas on the fire.

Then the shiny, unused appearance of my Jaffle Iron made me take notice, and consider if I should take it on another trip, only for it to return home unused – again.

Well, the Jaffle Iron made it into the vehicle, and I headed off with an intent to bring it back blackened by coals and covered in ash.

Testing it out

I had a recipe in mind, consisting of a fairly crude dough of flour, oil and water, with a baked bean filling….. for some reason I felt like I would be cheating if I were to use bread.

Kids Love Baked Bean Jaffles

The result: a somewhat plain but crispy dough with a warm baked bean filling that both myself and my family loved.

I have been ignorant, missing out, why didn’t I embrace the Jaffle Iron years ago? Can I still call myself a camper?

Refining the recipe

Now I am itching to go camping again, just so I can refine my recipe and try new ingredients.

I’ll use new fillings, maybe use milk or beer in the dough, or even make it properly with some yeast so it is lighter.

Or maybe I’ll just keep it simple and use bread.

At Snowys we sell what seems to be known as the square “Australian” style Jaffle Iron, but there is a myriad of styles from all around the world.

There are even Jaffle Iron forums where you can pick up some great ideas and learn a bit about their history.

So enlighten me camp chef’s, fast track my Jaffle Iron culinary skills and let me in on your secrets to creating the ultimate jaffle in the comments section below.

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