How to Cook in a Camp Oven without a Fire


Imagine bringing the tastes and smells of camp oven cooking to your summer camping adventures. Sound pretty good huh?

But the Fire bans in national parks mean the simple pleasures of staring into the mesmerising campfire flames, toasting marshmallows, and in particular camp oven cooking, have to be left to the cooler months.

And rightly so, a campfire cooked meal is hardly worth our wilderness being burnt to a crisp let alone risking the lives of other users in the park, including all the wildlife.

Gas Fires Only Sign in Murray River National Park

Many Australian national parks do not permit open fires, so gas fires must be used. Image Credit: ExplorOz.

The solution to this dilemma?

So when summer rolls around, what can you do instead? The Camp Oven Mate from Southern Metal Spinners is the accessory you need to fulfil your summer camping dreams, and to help you get the most out of your camp oven.

What size camp ovens can you use it with?

Specifically designed for use with a gas ring burner and up to 9 Qt camp ovens, the Camp Oven Mate safely enables you to whip all the camp oven goodies you have perfected during the winter season without a single ember, coal or heat bead in sight.

Southern Metal Spinners Camp Oven Mate

The Camp Oven Mate comes as a flat-pack for easy transportation. 

How does the Camp Oven Mate work?

It has four curved side sections that slot together and support a grille on which your camp oven will sit. Under that is where the gas burner resides.

A convex (or is that concave) lid on the top has a central hole. Once the gas is lit creates a flow of hot air around the sides of the camp oven, down onto the camp oven lid, then up and out the top.

It even protects the gas burner and camp oven from the wind so your meals cook evenly every time. And it keeps flames contained making it safe for fire ban season – ingenious!

Cast Iron Boys cooking with a Camp Oven

The Cast Iron Boys use and recommend the Camp Oven Mate. 

Does it make camp oven cooking easier?

The Camp Oven Mate actually makes camp oven cooking even easier than ever before. You don’t need to get a fire started. You don’t have to worry about ash in your food. Your cooking gear stays soot free, and it packs away flat for easy transport!

Made here in Australia and available at Snowys, the Camp Oven Mate should be a staple item for any gourmet camp oven chef.

What’s your favourite way to cook during the warmer months?

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