Best Camping Lights & Lanterns for 2023

From lighting up those late-night, roadside pull-ups, to long-lasting illumination on those midnight loo runs – a camping lantern is your light at the end of the tunnel for any after-dark outdoor endeavour.

At the very least, a lantern offers light to function after sundown. Over time, LED technology has developed, launching the humble camping lantern further into the tech-savvy sphere (amid many other gadgets and gizmos in line for an upgrade)!

Now, we embrace the benefits of high-impact lighting flooding from more compact packages. Be it campsite party planning or outback battery powering – some lanterns are now equipped with features such as dappling disco light modes, and the ability to charge smartphones.

So, fellow trailblazers – what’s the glow?

To shed some light, we’ve collated our top ten sellers in the camping lantern category – from your late-night toilet run chums and high-beam henchmen, to the ultimate lights of the party!

Starting at number ten…

10. BioLite AlpenGlow

For adventurers on the glow, the BioLite AlpenGlow is your mobile magic maker.

Providing mesmerising colour for campsite ambience, or white lighting for task-based needs around basecamp – this light is available in two sizes, beaming a maximum output of 250 or 500 lumens. With ChromaReal LEDs offering true tones for night-time antics, and an IPX4 water resistance – match the natural beauty of sun-stippled rain drops with warm white light against night-time rain.

From toasting campfire marshies to hosting campfire magic, simply shake the globe to activate special lighting modes such as candle flicker, cycling colour, multicolour, and single-colour – offering either blended or bold, stand-alone colour.

Boasting a rechargeable 6400mAh battery and USB out-charging abilities for other electronic devices (such as the separately available BioLite SiteLights) – the BioLite AlpenGlow is the on-the-go globe for bespoke outback adventures.


9. Zempire Capsule Light

Aptly named, as it shares the same shape (albeit much larger) as a vitamin capsule! The Zempire Capsule Light is a ridiculously affordable tent light, ideal for smaller tents or emergencies.

It runs from 3 x AA batteries – and while not the brightest light in our range at 25 lumens, it’s such an affordable price that you can have more than one in your kit.

The base is flat for standing on a table, while the hanging hook feature makes for easy suspension inside a tent or under a shelter.


8. Ledlenser ML6 Rechargeable Lantern and ML4 Mini Rechargeable Lantern

Light up the night with the ML6 Rechargeable and ML4 Mini Rechargeable Lanterns by Ledlenser.

With 750 lumens from the ML6 with superior lens technology for energy efficiency, the micro-prism mechanism has the ML4 Mini beaming a maximum of 300. Boasting light modes from ‘boost’ to ‘blink’, and ‘strobe’ to ‘SOS’ – your ML6 lantern can be applied to multiple scenarios, doubling as a power bank to boost the charge of your USB devices.

While the ML6 provides mounting options via the hook, magnet, and removable stand – the ML4 Mini features a carabiner snap hook for suspending overhead or attaching to the back of a pack. Their IP ratings protect from dust and water damage. resisting the rough and tumble of the temperamental outdoors.

From the blackened paddocks to campsite dynamics – the Ledlenser ML6 and ML4 Mini Rechargeable Lanterns are for the off-grid glow-getters!


7. Coleman Lithium Ion LED Rugged Lantern

This lantern presents a modern take on camping lanterns with a classic design.

Its integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery has the lantern’s total weight reaching just over 600g! Operation is simple and illumination outstanding, with two brightness settings offering an output of up to 300 lumens. For campsite convenience, this lantern boasts a comfortable carry handle and room in its base to store the USB charger. A light indicates the charging level, while the USB output enables charging of other electronic devices when alternative power is scarce.

For a simple, affordable, and functional lantern – the Coleman Lithium Ion Rugged LED Lantern is your light at the end of the tunnel.


6. Coleman Swagger Lithium-Ion Lantern

Shed light in the darkest times with the Swagger Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Lantern. 

Its compact size and lightweight construction has this lantern following you from the beaten track to base camp by sunset. Compatible with both small and large tents or simply an accessory to your outdoor apparatus, the lantern serves as both a nightlight or an emergency light when your torch dims at the darkest point of the day!

Enjoy long-lasting illumination with multiple brightness settings, while a battery indicator light has you prepared to beat dead batteries. Its D-clip hook allows secure hanging in your sanctuary while a magnetic backing enables attachment to steel surfaces in your set-up.

Light up every late-night pull-up with the Coleman Swagger Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Lantern.


5. MPOWERD Luci Solar String Lights

Embellish your setup with the radiant tendrils of Luci Solar String Lights by MPOWERD! 

Charge via the power of the sun, or a traditional outlet for convenience – pus, the USB port can boost the charge of your mobile phone too. Thanks to the unique clips, attaching and suspending the lights is simple, while the dual directional LEDs offer a warm, enchanting glow.

Be it a star-speckled constellation at your campsite, or pizzazz to your backyard barbecue – the Luci Solar String Lights offer no-fuss lighting with a touch of elegance in any setting. 


4. Zempire Hangdome and Megadome V2 USB Rechargeable Light

Superior campsite lighting is now out of your hands, thanks to the Hangdome Lantern by Zempire offering hands-free convenience at the campsite.

Even the sharpest individuals have a soft side to them – and the Hangdome is no different, offering a soft-touch light diffuser for a homey comfort that contrasts to the daytime dynamics of the outdoors. Achieve your most ideal illumination level across three light modes, while the ergonomic design allows for positioning on a flat surface during dinnertime banter, or campsite card games. Recharged via a USB outlet too, enjoy easy powering of the light’s lithium-ion supply.

From backyard power outlets to outback battery power – the Megadome V2 USB Rechargeable light by Zempire takes the trusty tent light up a notch!
It hosts a lithium-ion battery that’s rechargeable via the USB cable and doubles as a battery pack for topping up your phone too. Your tailored adventure awaits with low, medium, and high modes, and a maximum output of 500 lumens for those high-powered, low-light affairs. A warm amber glow averts the bothersome bugs, while a soft-touch, glow-in-the-dark diffuser aids the swashbucklers in wayfinding during lowlight conditions!

For the versatile venturers yet to see the light – the Zempire Hangdome and Megadome V2USB Rechargeable Light are the lanterns that like to hang about after lights out!


3. MPOWERD Luci Outdoor Lantern 2.0, Luci Outdoor Lantern 2.0 Pro, Luci Lux Lantern, and Luci Lux Pro Lantern

We’re not usually one to share the limelight – but this flash four take the bronze medal together!

A dynamic duo of durable and lightweight – the Luci lanterns bundle all of MPOWERD’s lightbulb moments together to deliver kick-butt, striking lighting.

For a little guy, the Luci Outdoor Light 2.0 is big on outback durability – boasting waterproof and shatterproof features. Like the Outdoor Light 2.0 ProLux Lantern, and Lux Lantern Pro – this dark-defying gadget collapses for easy storage too. Each of the four models are chargeable in sunlight, giving a maximum of 24 hours runtime on the low setting – so you keep the campsite dynamics kicking after dark. With low, medium, high, and one-second flashing modes available, take the trusty torchlight up a notch from the darkest patches beyond the canvas, to campsite magic amid your set-up.

The Outdoor Light 2.0 Pro and Lux Lantern Pro offer USB charging facilities too – providing you with your perfect Plan B for beating the dead batteries. Owing to their IP67 rating, both the Lux Lantern and Lux Lantern Pro also withstand the sour weather – having them your brightest sparks even in dank, damp darkness.

Crossing elegance with endurance, like two intercepting torchlights navigating the after-dark paths – the Luci Lantern varieties are for those feeling in the dark about campsite lighting.


2. OZtrail Portable Camp Light, Halo Tent Light, and UFO Tent Light

From a light pole to a tent loop – OZtrail’s Portable Camp Light hangs, clips, or sticks wherever is most convenient. Take this outback beacon to the next lumen, with up to 120 lumens of bright white light achieved with push-button control. Alternate between bright white for striking outdoor lighting, and a warm amber glow to deter bugs. The multi-option hanging system guarantees an on-the-go glow, enabling you to suspend, secure, or stick almost anywhere.

The Halo light from OZtrail has the benefit of being armed with two light modes – super bright white LEDs and an amber night light. It features a large button in the centre to switch between high, low, and night settings, with a loop on the top for easy hanging in your shelter. Powered by 3 x AA batteries which are included, the Halo Light from OZtrail is a perfectly affordable and compact way to light up your interior camp spaces.

There’s no guessing why this one is called the UFO light! Powered by 4 x AA batteries for 24 hours of run time, the OZtrail UFO light will give you 100 lumens of light from 23 LEDs. It has three light settings, so you can choose your preferred lighting level, while the Velcro loop feature on the back makes for easy hanging inside your tent or under a shelter. A unique feature of this tent light is also the magnet on the rear, for easy and efficient positioning under a gazebo, on the outside of a vehicle or camper, or to any metal surface.

These lights by OZtrail pack a brighter punch for those bespoke outback hangouts!


1. Hardkorr U-Lite Dual Colour Universal LED Lantern with Lithium Battery

At Number 1, the U-Lite Dual Colour Universal LED Lantern with Lithium Battery by Hardkorr is one of the most versatile lights in our range – firmly positioned in our bestsellers list and the outback beacon worth packing with the tackle!

From the toolshed to the tent, enjoy more brightness and an inbuilt rechargeable lithium battery for convenience. Packing a blinding punch with an output of 155 lumens, drench the darkness with daylight for up to 6 hours on high and over 90 hours on low! Alternate effortlessly between high, medium, and low white light, while the orange hue option keeps the bugs at bay. 

For robust resilience in brutal outback conditions, the IP66 rating and sturdy construction work together to guarantee a blend of dynamism and durability. Attach it easily to your wheel wells, awning, tent poles, camper trailers, fences and more – plus, an elastic strap and an inbuilt magnet helps for mounting.

This compact and durable light is useful to have on hand at home and at camp!


Need to upgrade your camping lantern?