8 Tricks for Surviving Christmas with the Family


Ideally, the holiday period is the time to get together with loved ones, reconnect, and have fun. But, the preparation for it can make you want to tear your hair out!

Between shopping for gifts, trying to make your entertaining area guest-worthy, and preparing a mountain of food – it can all get just a bit too much to handle.

That’s why we’ve put together our best tips for preparing (and surviving) the silly season this year – so you can stress less and enjoy it more.

Set up your outdoor entertaining area properly

There are two kinds of Christmas celebrations – the kind that ends with a group food coma at 3 pm, or the one that carries on well into the night. If your family is the latter, it sounds like you might need some extra lighting for your outdoor entertaining area. The Luci lanterns are a perfect choice here, as they’re solar powered, collapsible and will add a nice diffused glow to your set up.

Also, check out the Coleman All Night Instant Lighted Shelter for gazebo and lighting in one, or the Oztrail Multi-Use LED Spotlights (4 Pack) for adding extra illumination to your gazebo.

Decorating entertaining area with lights

Some extra lanterns will make every party less boring. The Luci lanterns are a great choice as they’re solar powered. Image: MPOWERD.

Make sure you have enough chairs

You can’t exactly make nanna perch on your dodgy bean bag you found in the shed, so make sure you have enough chairs to keep you covered for Christmas lunch and the rest of the summer season for your other outdoor entertaining. Check out our full range of camping chairs here.

Festival Twin Chair

The Oztrail Festival Twin Chair is perfect for entertaining guests – as you get 2 seats in one! Image: Erin Wescombe.

Prevent accidents before they happen

There’s nothing worse than having to clean up broken glass on the patio when you’re all a bit tiddly from cracking open that bubbly before Christmas lunch. Make sure you hand any of the known butterfingers in the group an unbreakable glass – they’ll barely be able to tell the difference and you can avoid having that mess on your hands.

Tritan Stemless Red Wine Glass.

Stemless is generally a good idea on the more festive of occasions. Here is the Tritan Stemless Red Wine Glass. Image: Party Supply Factory.

Find enough space to keep your food and bevvies chilled

On Christmas Day, the fridge is always chockers with precariously balanced plates of food. Don’t disturb this delicate ecosystem (and incite rage from the cook). Keep a cooler or esky of bevvies outside to keep you hydrated – and out of the way!


The Coleman 58L Xtreme Wheeled Cooler comes with wheels, drink holders and everything! Image: Coleman Australia.

Keep cool in the heat

When you’ve got kids running around, and adults who are enjoying a few glasses of champers, you can’t have long extensions cords all over the place – it’s a recipe for disaster! Keep your guests cool in the heat, without any drama, with a fan that can run unplugged.


A little bit of airflow is often what we yearn for on those stinking hot days. The Coleman Rechargeable 12″ Fan w/ LED Light is ideal. Image: Coleman Australia.

Make sure you have enough bedding for your guests

You know how it goes when you’ve got family coming in from interstate – you say yes to one, and then you end up needing to supply bed and board for the whole lot of them. In that case, make sure you’ve got enough bedding for all your rellies, so you can ensure that you all actually get some rest over the festive period.

Check out our range of airbeds and sleeping mats.

Don’t forget about boxing day

Instead of stressing your brains out at the annual sales, or falling asleep at the predictable blockbuster Boxing Day movie release – you could head the beach and enjoy some beach cricket, beverages, and leftover sandwiches. With some great beach shades, and easy pitch shelters available – you can enjoy a day out, recovering from the stress of the season in the cool of the shade.


Keep that fierce sun off the family with a Hollie & Harrie Beach Shade. Looks great, doesn’t it? Image: Hollie & Harrie.

and, most importantly, stay safe!

The holidays are a time to relax, unwind and enjoy yourself. Just make sure that if you’re travelling to visit family or friends that you drive safely and carefully. And, if you’re not the host this year – make sure you appoint a designated driver so that you can keep everyone unharmed this season.

Have you got any other tips for surviving the Christmas period? 

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