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About Us


We live and breathe camping, hiking, and travel... and have done so, ever since we started back in ‘95.

If we roll back the clock to the mid-90s, Richard, our founder, opened up a small storefront selling outdoor gear to the locals living in the western suburbs of Adelaide. Within 2 years, the business outgrew the little shop and moved to Richmond Rd, Keswick in a store 15 times the size! That big orange building has been the home of Snowys ever since.

In 2011, we hired a bunch of wired-up computer experts and made the move to open an online store ( Since day one of launching our website, customers all around Australia could buy our entire range at ripping low prices and get free delivery! But in 2017, we thought we could do better - which might explain what we did next...

In August of ‘17, we cracked open the doors to our brand new store up in sunny Brendale, just outside the Brisbane CBD. A huge store with plenty of gear and a whopper of a warehouse, which has given us the opportunity to offer free 2-day delivery to most parts of Australia!

And, we’re just getting warmed up, so watch this space! 


- Adelaide, SA -

- Brendale, QLD - 

 Where does the Snowys name come from?

The Snowys name is based on a real life 1960’s bush character Snow Mibus who Snowys founder Richard Wescombe worked for during his young days as a shearer. Snowy was a classic self-reliant outdoors bloke whose 60s Land Rover was chock full of all the gear for living and surviving in the bush.

He was a shearing contractor and with the distances of the outback it sometimes took him days to get from one shearing shed to another. This is where his camping gear, often self-made, came in really handy.

Snowy was a camping and outdoor pro long before the likes of the Leyland Brothers, Alby Mengels, Roothy…even Russell Coight! So, when Richard wanted to start up Snowys back in 1995, it was natural for him to name it after such a legend.




Unfortunately, footwear is unavailable in our Brendale, QLD store.
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