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360 Degrees
Furno Stove

$39.95 $24.90

360 Degrees
Furno Pot Set

$39.95 $24.90

360 Degrees
Compact Microfibre Towels

4 sizes From $9.90
2 colours

360 Degrees

We reckon anyone would be hard-pressed to find a better value entry level range of lightweight camping and hiking gear than the gear from 360 Degrees. It started many years ago with the Furno stove which offered a lightweight and powerful alternative to the expensive gas hiking stoves on the market. The Furno range now includes a range of pots and pans for hikers and campers alike.

Nowadays the range covers everything from cookware to water bottles, toiletries, bug nets, tableware and even a range of polypropylene thermals. With an amazing balance of quality and price, the 360 Degrees range is perfect for kids, scouts or those new to camping and hiking that need some affordable and reliable gear to get started.

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