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EvoGrip S17

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EvoGrip S557

• Wenger’s Evogrip range of Swiss Army Knives feature non-slip rubber embedded in the outer casing that matches the four major areas of contact your hand makes when using the product• This increases its safety, performance and efficiency • The Evogrip S557 is a member of this range, weighing 139.5g, 85mm long and includes 13 implements/23 functions• Features are: 85mm blade with Safety Lock System Patented serrated edge scissors and lever Two screwdrivers – Phillips and flat Wood saw All purpose wrench Cap lifter, wire bender, can opener and corkscrew Nail file, nail cleaner and toothpick Reamer, key ring and tweezersWenger was established in 1893 in Bern, Switzerland, as an industrial cutlery house. Its position in the market was that of a quality and innovative manufacturer, a factor which led it to become a joint supplier (with Victorinox) of knives to the Swiss Army. Over the last 100 years Wenger has added a stylish dimension to its well earned reputation and shares with Victorinox an equal standing as makers of quality and durable knives and multi-tools. In 2005, Victorinox acquired Wenger. Wenger are advertised as the "Genuine Swiss Army Knife" and Victorinox as the "Original Swiss Army Knife".In 2005, Wenger introduced Evolution, a series of Swiss Army Knives with ergonomic handles. This was dubbed the "first design change to the red-handled Swiss Army Knives since their inception".
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