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With over 50 years of experience manufacturing outdoor gear, Vango was established right near the Scottish Highlands by Alistair Moodie
in 1966.
Alistair Moodie first became interested in making tents as it was the only kind of holiday he could afford, so his aim was to design and make tents that people wanted to camp in. After creating their classic force tent which used a revolutionary integrated fly sheet and A pole, they soon launched their products all over the world.
In the 1970s, Vango’s tent design was used on expeditions to Mt Everest, which catapulted their brand and gave them the push to continue to develop more gear. Over the years they added more categories to their range while expanding into the family camping category. In the 2010’s they began working closely with the UK Duke of Edinburgh scheme, so Vango products are a part of many young people’s first outdoor experience. Today, the Vango company continues to push themselves and their gear to the limits.
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