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M-3 G Compass

$99.99 $79.90

MC-2 G Mirror Compass

$129.99 $107.90

A-10 SH Compass

$39.99 $32.90

Core All Black

$349.99 $314.90

Ambit 3 Peak Black HR

$549.99 $479.90

9 G1 Outdoor Watch

From $674.90
3 colours

Core Brushed Steel

$699.99 $629.90

Spartan Sport Wrist HR

From $614.90
2 colours

Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro

From $719.90
2 colours

Traverse Alpha Outdoor Watch

From $604.90
4 colours


In 1936, Tuomas Vohlonen, an engineer who was bothered by the inaccuracy of compasses at the time, patented a production method for a liquid filled compass. This new production method provided a much steadier compass needle and new levels of accuracy. From this, Suunto was born.

The word Suunto comes from a Finnish word meaning 'direction', and since it's inception, Suunto has been at the forefront of innovation. Through the mid to late 1990's they produced compasses for military and marine purposes before venturing into diving instruments before creating the first outdoor wrist-top computer, the Suunto Vector, in 1998, this was the first time an altimeter, barometer, compass and thermometer was seen on a watch. The Vector went on to become one of Suunto's most successful products, likely to have seen the summit of Everest more times than any other watch.

Suunto continues to innovate and improve products across their compass range as well as their outdoor watches with GPS and fitness features being introduced into the list of features that can be carried upon your wrist for your next outdoor adventure. Their products are precision items that perform in the world's harshest conditions.

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