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Skratch Labs

Starting from scratch can mean many things.

A clear mind. A blank canvas. A raw snack.

Sport scientist, exercise physiologist, professional cycling coach, and founder of Skratch Labs Dr. Allen Lim reminds us that ‘no matter where you find yourself in life, you can always start from scratch’. Determined to keep things real, he began preparing his own training sustenance without the artificial ingredients found in most pre-packaged sports bars and drinks.

In his quest to lower sugar concentration and replace electrolytes lost through sweat, talk of Dr. Lim’s ‘secret drink mix’ soon seeped its way into the cycling community – and eventually, the health-conscious, active members of the general public.

From the tiny food prep benchtop in his Spanish apartment to the Boulder business in Colorado now known as Skratch Labs, Dr Lim and his team continue their mission to develop and sell products that are innovations ‘born from a relationship with an athlete’ – not only aiding healthy living but tasting as clean as the ingredients are real.

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