Top 5 Camping Blogs from 2016


What a year it’s been here on the Snowys Blog. Did you know we published 82 blogs over the space of the year on everything from whether you can use your camp over in the middle of summer, to how to take a crap in the bush, to the benefits of placing a tarp under your tent, to me telling you why hiking in NZ is better than Tasmania (without having ever been to Tassy!)

I really do hope you’ve enjoyed the blogs we have sourced, written, and shared with you. Our writers come from a diverse range of backgrounds. From the old school outback tourers like Barry Peters and Michael Page-Sharp. Four-wheel driving fanatics like Aaron Schubert. Young, lightweight bushwalkers like Sabrina Blaas and John Feeney. And our very own staff members such as Ben Trewen, Ben Collaton, Dave and Kev Leslie, and yours truly.

So, what better way to top off the year than to review our 5 most popular blogs published over the past 12 months? Here they are:

5. Motorcycle Camping – Swags vs Tents

Motorcycle Camping - Swag on the back

In recent years, throwing a swag or tent on the back of the motorbike and taking in a different perspective of the countryside has become really popular. There are even forums and Facebook groups dedicated to the sport. And like with any form of camping, some gear is better suited than other gear.

This piece looks at both sides of the debate. It evaluates the pros and cons, the benefits and downsides, of throwing a tent or swag into your motorcycle touring kit.

4. The Benefits of a Tent Groundsheet

Groundsheet laid out flat on the sand

You’ve spent all this money on a tent – protect the damn floor! Not only will a groundsheet protect against sticks and sharp objects, it’ll keep your tent floor clean, will cut down on condensation, and if you have a mesh version, will stop water from pooling under the tent. There are other benefits too, as we cover off in the blog.

3. How to Cook Roast Pork in a Camp Oven

Delicious crackling on the Pork

A delicious recipe from the camp oven maestro himself, Mr Mick ‘The Camp Oven Cook’ Viller.

Not only is this recipe easy, the results (if the pictures are anything to go by) are mouth-wateringly stunning. If you’re to learn two staples to cook in your camp oven it should be a good pork or lamb roast, and a traditional damper. Worried about firing up the camp oven in summer? There’s a way to do it.

2. Best Swags 2015

Swag setup under 4WD awning

The humble canvas swag. It’s an institution in a bedroll. Nothing says camping in the Australian bush more than bunking down in a cosy swag, the Milky Way overhead, and bush poetry playing through your mind.

Early in the year, Ben Collaton put together a list of our most popular, bestselling, and downright impressive swags. It’s proven to be a ripper of a post for people looking to buy their first swag but aren’t quite sure where to start.

1. Best Family Tents 2015

South Aussie with Cosi - Family Camping Pack Giveaway

Like with the ‘best swag’ blog, our guide to the best family tents is the go-to blog for people that are new to camping and are trying to find the best tent to start their camping career and campers that are looking to upgrade to a roomier, better quality tent.

Spoiler alert: the ever-popular Coleman Instant Up 4P took out the race. Easy to pitch, roomy, and ripping value-for-money, we sell more of this tent than most others.

What’s your favourite Snowys blog from 2016?

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