Guide to the Dometic CFX3 Fridge/Freezer Range


The newly launched CFX3 range from Dometic are fresh off the factory floor and making their splash online among campers and adventures around the world.

Dometic are known as one of the leading portable fridge manufacturers in the world. Over the past couple of years, they’ve had a name change from Waeco to Dometic, and have successfully launched their CFXW range which have been super popular and well-loved among our customers. Now, after taking on feedback from their customers and ambassadors, Dometic have created a new range of fridges called the CFX3.

Featuring their most advanced technology, as well as some upgrades to their previous CFX range, the CFX3 comes with the following 6 models to choose from:

This range includes a fridge with an integrated ice maker and two dual-zone compartment models – so there’s something for virtually everyone.

If you are looking to upgrade your current unit or are considering ditching your esky for a fridge so that you can explore for longer on your adventures – we’ve broken down what you need to know about the CFX3 range below.

Men taking supplies out of Dometic fridge/freezer

These units now have a rugged ExoFrame. Image: Dometic

XOS Frame

The CFX3 range features a rugged ExoFrame which is a lightweight thermo-formed plastic shell which in combination with structural insulation provides a pretty tough construction that can withstand the rigours of outdoor use.

Upgraded handles

The previous model featured plastic hinged handles which were very sturdy and reliable, but the CFX3 has been upgraded with cast aluminium hinges. This will give you a more secure and stronger anchor for your tie-down straps while being slightly more comfortable to use.

Woman getting supplies from Dometic CFX3 Fridge/Freezer while man drinks a beer

The intuitive lid latch means one-handed opening. Image: Dometic

Intuitive lid latch

This range of fridge/freezers features an improved lid latch that’s easier to open with one hand which makes them more user-friendly.

Updated CFX3 app and connectivity

The folks at Dometic have also updated the compatible app which now allows you to connect by both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so you can control the temperature, receive smart alerts if you leave the lid open and track energy consumption so that it’s easier to keep an eye on the status of your fridge.

Dometic smartphone app that helps to monitor Dometic CFX3 Fridge/Freezer

Updated connectivity makes monitoring your fridge a breeze. Image: Dometic 

Improved weather-protected user display & faster phone charging

Another element in the evolution of this fridge range is the improved user display. This colour display will show you the vitals of the unit so you can check the status of your fridge at a glance. It also features soft-touch controls that are more intuitive with up/down arrows and an ‘OK’ button so it’s easier to change the settings. The display now features weather protection along with the power input at the rear of the fridge for your peace of mind.

They’ve relocated the USB charging port so that it’s easier to access, and if you increase amps from 0.5A to 2.0A, you can charge your phone or other USB devices faster.

The user display on a Dometic CFX3 Fridge Freezer

They’ve moved the charging port and increased the amps for more convenience. Image: Dometic

Elimination of dairy compartment – fully wrapped evaporator plate

Dometic have removed the dairy compartment in this new line, which creates extra space for your favourite foods. Without that compartment, the CFX3 range has a fully wrapped evaporator that extends around the walls above the compressor, which was not present on the CFXW range. This results in more even temperature throughout the interior of the unit, but it will use a little bit more energy.

Man taking drink from Dometic CFX3 Fridge Freezer while woman cuts up fruit on the back of a 4wd

Without the dairy compartment, the unit is more spacious. Image: Dometic

Energy consumption

The energy consumption of the CFXW and CFX3 range does differ. The CFXW range was tested at 5 degrees interior, while the CFX3 range has been tested at 4 degrees. The way they tested the CFX3 was different from the previous generation, as the results would have varied depending on whether the WiFi or Bluetooth was turned on during testing.

It also has a bigger cooling surface area (due to the removal of the dairy compartment) which gives you more even cooling but uses slightly more energy. The anti-condensation coil adds a small amount of heat to the interior which requires a bit of cooling energy to offset it as well. The CFX3 also has a TFT LCD display, which uses more energy than the old LED display.

Easier access to smaller models

On the CFX3 35 and CFX3 45, the main compartment has been moved so that it’s at the same end where you open the lid, so they’re more ergonomic and easy to access.

Group of four people sitting at a table by the beach with their Dometic CFX3 Fridge Freezer open next to them

Anti-condensation coil heating prevents sweating in high humidity. Image: Dometic

Anti-condensation heating – reduces sweating in high humidity conditions

All the models of the range now feature anti-condensation coil heating around the top of the cabinet under the gasket, which was already a feature of the 75 and 95DZW models. This prevents water collecting around the top of the cabinet and freezing.

Addition of a model that features an ice maker

The CFX3 55IM allows you to make ice in your fridge while still using the main compartment as a fridge. There’s a dedicated evaporative plate above the compressor compartment, which will make ice in approximately 2.5 hours. There are two silicone ice trays included, and each tray will make enough ice for two drinks. The trays, lid and housing can also be removed if you don’t need them which increases the volume of the fridge to 55L from 53L as well.

Ice cubes coming out of the icemaker in the Dometic CFX3 55 IM Fridge Freezer

The 55 IM allows you to make ice without affecting the performance of the unit. Image: Dometic

Will my CFX slide fit?

The CFX3 35/45/55/55IM models will not fit onto the older slides as the feet hole positions and the nutsert holes don’t align.

However, the CFX3 75DZ and CFX3 95DZ are compatible with the current slides CFX Fridge Slide 75 and the CFX Fridge Slide 95/100 which are ongoing products.

When will CFX3 slides be available?

There are two new models of slides that will be available. One that suits the CFX3 35/45 and another that suits the CFX3 55/55IM which will have a matte black finish. We’re unsure when they are due to land, but it should be in the next few months – so watch this space.

Dometic fridge freezer attached to slide in back of vehicle

There are two new slides that will be available. Image: Dometic

Will my CFX cover fit?

Unfortunately, the CFX covers are not compatible with the CFX3 fridges as they are unique to each size.

When will CFX3 covers be available?

We don’t have a release date from Dometic about when their CFX3 covers will be available. But, what we do know is that they’re made from moulded EVA foam XOS frame ends, with integrated storage, the lid cover attaches and open with lid (no velcro) and are unique to each size. Check back with us in the coming months for updates on availability.

To summarise, here are the key features and benefits of the CFX3 range:

  • Lighter in weight compared to previous generations
  • Stronger handles for securing the fridge to vehicle/slide
  • Easier to open latches
  • Faster USB outlet for charging
  • Easier access to main compartment on smaller models

That’s pretty much it when it comes to the new CFX3 range from Dometic. Please let us know in the comments below if we missed anything or if you have any further questions about the range.


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