The Best Portable Fire Pits – Our Hot Picks for 2024

From feeding the flames to feeding our friends – a fire pit offers warmth, campsite ambience, and even a cooking space for the cooler camp trips and backyard shindigs.

After trimming the fat that is bias and sales incentives, we can now present a list of pits that deliver the ultimate outback blend of barbecued food and crackling campfires. Be you a camper who feels the cold, or a chargrilled grub master – make no missed-steak, our best-selling fire pits for 2024 are no smoke!

Without further ado, let’s bring the joy of good food and outback magic with our hottest sellers for this year…

A 23ZERO fire pit and chair at a campsite.

A fire pit brings the joy of good food and outback magic. Image: 23ZERO

Hottest Looking at the Campsite

Ozpig Big Pig Cooker & Heater

Ozpig Big Pig

A real looker and a better cooker – bask in the warmth of your own backyard, with the Big Pig from Ozpig.

A strong, long-standing number, the Big Pig features one of the best outdoor stoves possible for at-home use. With a heavy-duty steel construction, it delivers substantial heating through the large, open front door, while the stove allows removal of the stovetop and cooking directly over the flames – so you can achieve smoky meats, chargrilled eats, and comfort food as bolstering as a rugged hug from Dad!

With a dual-zone cooking area for cooking two dishes at once, the Big Pig has been reviewed by our customers as a ‘truly great product’ that generates a lot of warmth too – a you-beaut all-rounder for outdoor ambience and alfresco cooking.

Chargrilled skewers on the Ozpig Big Pig grill.

The Big Pig features one of the best outdoor stoves possible for at-home use. Image: Ozpig

Hottest for the Gadget Gurus

BioLite Fire Pit+ Wood & Charcoal Burning Fire Pit

BioLite Fire Pit+

Debunking the old saying, ‘where there’s smoke there’s fire’, the FirePit+ from BioLite is the smokeless solution!

For the gear gurus or the niftier nomads, this pit boasts state-of-the-art tech in an ergonomic design. Patented airflow technology ensures hyper-efficient flames and clean combustion, while x-ray mesh on the body conveys a floating fire and adjustable rack takes both charcoal or wood. Plus, enamel coating and larger perforations within the mesh provide more radiant heat, and a removable grill grate provides the means to go hibachi-style at dinnertime. The FirePit+ is powered by a 12,800mAh battery that offers over 28 hours of power on the low setting, controllable manually or remotely from the compatible Bluetooth app.

With nothing but five-star reviews from our customers, this fire pit is considered a ‘firebug’s delight’ – easy to light, ambient, and generates little mess.

A man warms his hands on a BioLite Plus Fire Pit.

A fire pit offers warmth, campsite ambience, and even a cooking space for the cooler camp trips and backyard shindigs. Image: BioLite

Hot, Sturdy, and Aussie-Made

Supa Peg Frontier Fire Pit

Supa Peg Frontier Fire Pit

Stylish, sturdy, and easy to store!

Supa Peg are renowned for their innovatively designed products, where the Frontier’s 8-panelled system features panels and base plates locked together by a specifically engineered retaining pin for a closed in, safe, and efficient fire pit. Boasting a laser-cut, heavy-duty steel construction, it packs down flat into a durable carry bag. A base plate keeps your fire elevated, while attractive flame stencils in each panel creates ambience at camp and plenty of airflow to keep the blaze burning. Plus, attach the included BBQ rails for an instant cooktop.

Described as ‘so good’, ‘so simple’, and as good ‘as described’ by our customers – check out Ben’s demonstration on how to set it up, and let the good times burn!

Hottest for Comfort and Cooking

Darche Stainless Steel BBQ and Fire Pits | 310, 450, and 630

Darche Stainless Steel BBQs: 630 (left), 310 (middle), and 450 (right)

Good things come in threes, and nothing has ever been truer than with Darche‘s BBQ and Fire Pit units that take you from the back patio to alfresco. Since last year’s rank, all three models have now made the rank, offering bang(ers) for buck too.

Each boasting a compact size and sleek, stylish steel construction, these fire pits are simple to set up and pack down with a foldable, flat-pack design for space-saving storage and transit. Available in three sizes – 310, 450, and 630 – Darche’s fire pit boasts a solid base plate that clips on simply and securely, a trivet that sits snug inside, and a grill.

Hottest to the Shelves

UCO Flatpack Portable Grill and Firepit

UCO Flatpack Portable Grill and Firepit

Now we’re (not) cooking with gas! Hot and fresh to the Snowys shelves, the UCO Flatpack Portable Grill & Firepit boasts a flatpack design and easy setup, guaranteeing char-grilled chicken anywhere you choose to assemble it.

A durable stainless-steel construction ensures longevity, while the removable grill has you going swiftly from cooking over flames to warming your hands by the campfire.

Set-up only takes 30 seconds, while its raised design prevents the unsightly campfire scars on the ground, encouraging the Leave No Trace principles.

Hottest off the Shelves

23ZERO BBQ 51 | Stainless Steel Fire Pit and BBQ

23ZERO BBQ 51 Stainless Steel Fire Pit and BBQ

Our most popular fire pit for 2024, missing out on a BBQ 51 Stainless Steel Firepit and BBQ by 23Zero would be a huge missed-steak!

With a lightweight flat-pack design and included carry bag for perfect portability and easy storage, you can trim less fat from your load! Its grill bridge is both detachable and adjustable, allowing heat control across four heights and an open fire experience when removed. Thanks to a robust stainless-steel construction of the body, cooking grill, and bridge, your firepit and BBQ are protected against outdoor heat and hostility, while food-grade materials promise burger patties free of toxins!

Its elevation component coupled with the protective heatshield underneath deters heat from the ground too, enabling use in parks and on foresty floors. Cook with an array of fuel sources including wood, heat bead, charcoal, and briquettes too.

From the BBQ chefs to simply those who will risk it for the brisket – our-best selling 23Zero BBQ 51 Stainless Steel Firepit and BBQ is hot on the top fire pit features.

What’s your hot fire pit pick for 2024? Let us know in the comments!

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