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Coat Hanger (Inflatable)

• A very handy pair of coat hangers which give your garments for that freshly ironed look• Very practical for storage space once they have been deflated• Hanging clothes for drying can help decrease the need for ironing• Specifically designed rounded edges prevent hanger indents on your clothes • Highly durable hangers are manufactured for a long life with strong weight loads
$7.95 $5.90

TSA Security Locks

• A robust, secure and stylish lock, approved by the TSA* - a "must-have" for travelling to USA• Set your own combination - simple instructions enclosed• INDICATOR FUNCTIONThe INDICATOR FUNCTION shows if the TSA / HMRC special tool has been used to open your lock: RED = Special tool used GREEN = Lock has not been opened by TSA / HMRC - (Instructions for resetting the indicator are enclosed)* The US Travel Security Agency (TSA) and Her Majesty's Revenues and Customs (HMRC) maintain the right to open any case, even if it is locked. This means that they can cut off your normal lock, destroying it forever. The Korjo Travel Sentry Lock solves this problem - you can now lock your case again without worrying that it will be destroyed by the TSA/HMRC. - Set your own combination (instructions enclosed). - Authorised TSA / HMRC agents can use a secured tool to open the lock, check your case and relock it (without ever learning your combination).
$14.95 $12.90

Back Pillow

• This inflatable pillow uses air to adjust and provide the optimal shape for maximum support and comfort• Helps to prevent back fatigue and relieve back ache• Can also be used as a head or seat cushion Tip: Do not overinflate. Try 50-75% inflation to allow molding to your shape
$11.95 $9.90

Clothes Line w/Pegs

• Easily adjustable clothesline ideal for all types of outdoor camping• A stretchy elastic line with 8 attached, plastic-coated pegs• 3 meters in length and packs down small in the nylon pouch included• Heavy-duty hooks on each end for easy clipping to surrounding trees or tents
$9.95 $6.90

Laundry Wash

• Soft feel laundry liquid in a specially designed plastic travel bottle perfect for all outdoor travel. • Excellent value for money, providing you with the long lasting 120ml bottle.• Each wash only requires a small quantity for a clean and thorough cleanse. • Removes odors, blood and grass stains and prevents color fading
$8.95 $6.90

Inflatable Neck Pillow

• A traditional horseshoe-shaped inflatable neck cushion• Provides excellent support and comfort• Aids restful sleep when travelling
$10.95 $8.90

Water Boiler

$32.95 $24.90

Adaptor Set

$27.95 $19.90


Functional and affordable travel accessories to help you achieve your worldwide jet-setting goals. Travel adapters and padlocks to luggage scales and inflatable pillows, Korjo have every travel comfort covered in their extensive range. 

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