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Reservoir Cleaning Brush Kit


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If you’ve ever tried to clean a hydration reservoir with ordinary household cleaning supplies, then you’ll understand the struggle you face trying to get in those nooks and crannies where gunk can build up.

Camelbak have come out with their Cleaning Brush Kit that has two brushes that are designed to give your hydration system a thorough, squeaky clean. The flexible tube brush can be threaded through the tube for those hard to reach areas, and the long handle on the reservoir brush makes getting to the inside surface of your reservoir with ease.

So, if you’re an avid user of your Camelbak Reservoir, don’t bother trying to use the kitchen sponge – go straight to the Brush Cleaning Kit for a thorough result.

  • Flexible tube brush for cleaning the tube
  • Long handles reservoir brush for reaching the inner surface
  • Works with all Camelbak reservoir systems
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Packed Dimensions:
27L x 9W x 4H cm
Wire Handle | Nylon Bristles
0.07 Kg
Got Your Bak™ Lifetime Guarantee

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Oct 01 2018

Reservoir Cleaning Kit

The flexible tube cleaning brush is what I have been looking for and works great. Very strong and robust which is what I was after. Also comes with a handle and this makes it easy to push through and then pull out.

- Camden, NSW
Aug 17 2017

flexible tube brush not long enough, but still works a charm

I need to preface this review by saying I bought it to clean a hydration system that isn't Camelbak branded.

I left my old Camelbak branded cleaning kit back in Melbourne. didn't occur to me to bring it along with me when we relocated to rural Australia. I held off buying a new cleaning kit, thinking I could last a year without cleaning the drinking tube (I know. don't judge me!)

well, owing to the nature of the water we get in this part of Australia, as well as my general grubbiness, the hose started looking dirty. I tried the usual bicarb soda + vinegar, as well as lemon juice treatment, but I still needed a brush to remove whatever that was stuck on the tubing itself.

Snowys' low price was easy to enough to convince me to get my act together to clean the hydration system. my only gripe is that the flexible tube brush isn't long enough to bridge the entire length of the drinking tube. my previous kit that I bought years ago had a flexible tube brush that was longer than the drinking tube, which made it easy to pull through and clean the length of the brush. this current variant only spans about 4/5th of the length of the drinking tube, so it means I have to pull through and insert it in the other end of the tube to repeat.

what the picture also fails to show is that the flexible tube brush has a ring at one end, to help you pull the brush through the drinking tube, as opposed to the the older version, which doesn't give you a handle to pull the brush through.

- Alice Springs

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