News: Due to the north QLD floods, orders could be delayed for customers living north of Townsville.
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Poles Apart
Steel Tent Pegs

3 sizes From $1.50

Poles Apart
Alloy Pole (Spigot)

2 sizes From $13.50

Poles Apart
Alloy Ridge Pole

2 sizes From $16.00

Poles Apart
T/Nut Pole

2 sizes From $8.00

Poles Apart
Ridge T/Nut Pole

7 sizes From $10.00

Poles Apart

Made in, Australia, by Australian's, since 1997. Poles Apart' core business is based around roll forming steel combines with the use of aluminium tubing to create poles, rails, pegs and furniture to cater for the requirements of a camping and outdoor lifestyle.

They claim to be just as Australian as footballs, kangaroos, meat pies and Ford cars and use steel from Australian iron ore to product to manufacture their products in their factory in Melbourne. 

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