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Led Lenser
P7.2 Tactical Torch

• The Led Lenser P7 has been designed for those who expect the best in lighting• Outputs an amazing 200 lumens of focusable light and 78 hours of battery life from standard AAA batteries • The P7 achieves the same light output as 3-4 heavy conventional torches• The one-handed Speed Focus makes it easy to go from flood to spot by just pushing or pulling on the torch head, rather than needing to twist • Control the amount of light you need with the Quick-Cycle Switch System - with a simple press on the switch you can go between low, high and maximum beam
$125.00 $79.90

Led Lenser
P3 AFS Torch

$39.50 $24.90

Led Lenser
SEO 5 Headlamp

$109.00 $74.90

Led Lenser
P5.2 Torch

$99.00 $69.90

Led Lenser
SEO 7R Rechargeable Headlamp

From $129.90
2 colours

Led Lenser
SEO 3 Headlamp

$77.00 $54.90

Led Lenser
H14.2 Headlamp

$161.50 $114.90

Led Lenser
P6.2 Torch

$108.00 $79.90
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