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Led Lenser
SEO 5 Headlamp

$108.95 $84.90

Led Lenser
P17 Flashlight

$174.95 $142.90

Led Lenser
SEO 3 Headlamp

$77.95 $59.90

Led Lenser
P6.2 Torch

$107.95 $74.90

Led Lenser
P3 Flashlight

$28.95 $24.90

Led Lenser
P14 Flashlight

$139.95 $119.90

Led Lenser
P7 Flashlight

$124.95 $104.90

Led Lenser
P5 Flashlight

$98.95 $84.90

Led Lenser
P6 Flashlight

$100.95 $89.90

Led Lenser

If it wasn't for the passion and courange of founders Rainer and Harold Opolka, Led Lenser may never have existed. In 1993 a bank told them their product wasa unsellable and owuld not grant them a loan. So the following year, the twin borhters set our on their own and built their first flashlight, the V8, selling over 100 million Wuros wrth in the first five years.

More than 20 years later the brothers like to say thay they are their own bank. Led Lenser is now among the world's leading producers of high performance LED flashlights and headlamps. The company is focussed on quality and innovation and back the confidence in their products by offering a five year guarantee. 

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