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Jolly Swagman
Canvas Tarps

$ $24.90
Best Price Guarantee

Jolly Swagman
Shiralee Double Swag

$ $442.90
Best Price Guarantee

Jolly Swagman

Based in South Australia, The Jolly Swagman set out in 1987 with a mission "To be the first choice provider of canvas swags and canvas related products in Australia".

Thier range consists of swags to suit every budget, but most importantly they are all made from a quality Tearcheck cotton canvas which has a soft feel without compromising durability and comes in both 14o zand 17oz weights.

They have so much confidence in their manufacturing that they offer a lifetime warranty on poles and buckles, and the rest of the swag will have either 2 year, 4 year or even a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. An investment in a Jolly Swag is an investment in a company that has the customer at the forefront of their products.

Unfortunately, footwear is unavailable in our Brendale, QLD store.
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