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Compact Commercial 2.4 Canopy

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If the canopy for your OZtrail gazebo is looking a little worn out and needs replacing– switch it out for a Commercial Compact 2.4 Gazebo Canopy.

This fire retardant white canopy is made from 300D polyester, with UVtex treatment and an internal silver coating that blocks out up to 98% of UV radiation. The key locations are enforced with triple layer 600D polyester to mitigate wear.

This canopy features externally bound roof line seams to help improve tension while the large roof vents help to dissipate wind and heat. Freshen up your OZtrail Commercial Compact 2.4 Gazebo with a replacement Commercial Compact Canopy.

  • Compatible with Commercial Compact 2.4 Gazebo
  • Fire retardant UVtex treated canopy
  • Canopy blocks out 98% of UV radiation
  • 600D polyester reinforcing points
  • Externally bound roof line seams for improved tension
  • Large roof vents for improved heat and wind dissipation 
Snowys Code:
Supplier Code:
External Dimensions:
240L x 240W cm
Packed Dimensions:
34L x 27W x 5H cm
UVTex® 300D Polyester
1.5 Kg
1 Year Commercial

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Question is along the lines of others I have 2.4 Deluxe compact Oztrail gazebo and wonder if this will fit it ?2 answers

Or would the deluxe Commercial 2.4 fit it as well or either. Or does Oztrail make a repair kit as my near new blue cover for it has two very small holes that need fixing

- Echunga(7 months ago)

G'day Cheryl,

I believe that they do but will need to give Oztrail a buzz to confirm. I'll do that first thing in the morning and get back to you with a response. 

- Snowys(7 months ago)

G'day Cheryl,

Good thing I gave Oztrail a buzz. Unfortunately, because the frames are different, you can't use an Oztrail Compact Commercial 2.4 Canopy on your Deluxe Commercial Gazebo. You might be able to patch up the holes using one of these repair kits though. 

- Snowys(7 months ago)

thanks for the answer. However, our current gazebo is a standard 2.4m.1 answer

Would it fit that? My understanding from a question in another place is that the Commercial 2.3 Gazebo has the same size legs as the Standard, whereas the Deluxe gazebo has thicker legs.

- Berowra(11 months ago)

G'day Judith,

My apologies, I misread. I've just spoken with Oztrail to double check and unfortunately, the Commerical Canopy won't fit onto the Standard Gazebo frame.

- Snowys(11 months ago)

Will this fit the standard 2.4m Ozxtrail gazebo?1 answer

We need to replace the top and want to opt for the heavier Canopy.

- Berowra, NSW(11 months ago)

G'day Judith,

I've done a bit of research for you and you should be able to fit the Commercial 2.4 Canopy onto an Oztrail Deluxe 2.4 Gazebo if you wish.

- Snowys(11 months ago)
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Heads up! Our store in Brendale (QLD) doesn’t have footwear available for fittings. If you order online, your footwear will be sent from SA... quick-smart!
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