Camping Quick Tip #3 – Fix a Guy Rope


Your tent is pitched, you sit down for a cold beverage and the wind picks up.

You get up to peg out your guy ropes only to discover that one (or more) of the little plastic tightener thingies is broken, missing, or just does not work.

No problems, thankfully you’re subscribed to the Snowys Blog and learnt how to quickly tie an awning hitch (also referred to as a Midshipmans Hitch) and get back to your beverage, right?

Tying an awning hitch

For those who are not familiar with this knot, an Awning Hitch is a friction hitch that is adjustable (slides), but jams under load when the direction of pull is parallel the main line. This is just like the scenario you come across when tightening your guy ropes.

The different methods you can try

There are a couple of methods for tying this knot, the type you use may depend on the type of rope.

The knot originated as a Rolling Hitch, which, when tied back into a loop on the main line, is usually referred to as a Tautline Hitch.

Tautline Hitch
Tautline Hitch – Comprises of a rolling hitch tied back onto the main line.

The Awning Hitch is a slight variation on the Tautline Hitch, and is the most secure option for use on guy ropes.

The knot is essentially tied the same way, but the extra security is provided by tucking the second loop inside the first loop instead of next to it (compare step 2 in both images). This creates a “kink” in the main rope and holds more securely.

Awning Hitch
Awning Hitch – Note the second loop that is laid inside the first loop (step 2).

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