Outdoor Gift Ideas for Him


Recently we did a bit of a whip around the store to see what the Snowys team thought would make ideal stocking stuffers this Christmas.

This is what we came up with for that outdoor loving, day hiking, sun-soaking sort of guy.

Camelbak MULE Day Pack

The Camelbak MULE is ideal for the bloke that loves to hike and have his water too. Camelbak are best known for their obsession with hydration. Well, they’re no one trick pony, you know. In the MULE they combine a 3L Antidote™ water reservoir with 9L of storage space – more than enough space for lunch, a raincoat, first aid kit, and all the bits of pieces you’ll need for a day hike or an afternoon on the bike.

Check out the Camelbak Mule

Leatherman Signal Multitool

If Doomsday Preppers has taught you anything, it’s that being prepared for any situation is key to survival. The Leatherman Signal may not ward off zombies or stockpile baked beans, but it can do pretty much everything else. It’s the perfect multitool for the guy that thinks of himself as a bit of a MacGyver.

Check out the Leatherman Signal

GSI Mini Expresso Maker

Did you know Australian’s are some of the most coffee-obsessed people in the world? Yep. It’s true. And there is no need to give up your coffee obsession when hiking, camping, or 4WDing somewhere in the Aussie bush. Take the café with you, bring out your inner barista, sip espressos like a pro with the GSI Outdoors Mini Espresso Maker. It’ll deliver you 2 shots of black gold in around 90 seconds.

Check out the GSI Mini Expresso Maker

Sea To Summit X-Set 21 Cookset

Is your guy a bit space obsessed? And I don’t mean that big black joint up in the sky littered with stars. The Sea to Summit X-Set 21 Cookset comprises a 1.4L X-Pot, an X-Bowl, and X-Mug and packs down to a meagre 3 x 19cm package. It’ll take up bugger all room in your pack and weighs a back-relieving 394 grams. Perfect for your car camping kit, or between two on a hiking adventure.

Check out the Sea to Summit X-Set 21

Black Diamond Moji Lantern

Some bloke, a long time ago, said let there be light… and there was light. The Black Diamond Moji may not take voice commands, but press the wee button on its colourful side and you’ll have illumination for up to 100 hours. It’s a bright spark, that Moji.

Check out the Black Diamond Moji

Light My Fire Spork

“That’s not a knife! THIS is a KNIFE!” Well, actually, it’s a spork. Not a knife. A spork. Way better than any fork or spoon, that’s for sure.

Weighing in at only 9 grams, the Light My Fire spork has a place in every bloke’s pack. Even the hardened ultralightist. Keep one in your drawer or work lunch box too so you can show your colleagues that you’re a rugged outdoorsman.

Check out the Light My Fire Spork

Head over to the Snowys website for stacks more gift ideas. What are you getting for Christmas? 

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