Outdoor Gift Ideas for Her


So you’ve wife, daughter, sister, mother, or that distant aunt is mad about the outdoors? What to get them for Christmas though? We did a bit of a whip around the store to see what the team thought were the best stocking stuffers for 2016.

Here’s what they came up with.

Snowys Outdoors Gift Ideas for Her

Camelbak LUXE Day Pack

Not only is the Cambelbak LUXE one of the snazziest looking day backs going, it’ll satisfy your safety gene. If you ever got lost, you won’t be that way for long. Bright isn’t it?

The LUXE incorporates 3L Antidote™ water reservoir with 9L of storage space meaning it’s not only a hydration pack, but a roomy day pack too. At that size, it’s ideal for a day hike in the Blue Mountains or Adelaide Hills, or for the cycle commute to work. Stacks of internal pockets will keep your wallet, keys, iGadget safe.

Check out the Camelbak LUXE

Sea to Summit X-Pot Kettle

Why use a pot to boil water for a cuppa when you can use a kettle to boil your pasta? Nifty idea, right? The Sea to Summit X Pot Kettle is made from food grade silicone – the same sort of stuff you see in a lot of bakeware nowadays – which is light as light can be and folds flat for easy storage and totage. Fold it flat, pop it up, and your camping buddies will be in awe.

Check out the Sea to Summit X-Pot Kettle

Silva Field Compass

In a world of GPS, PLB, and Google Maps, it’s easy to overlook the role of the humble compass. But, frankly, no pack or kit should be without one. The Silva Field is a no-nonsense compass with all the necessary features to keep you out of trouble should you take a wrong turn. What’s more, it weighs in at a mere 28 grams to keep even the most ultralight hiker happy.

Check out the Silva Field

Black Diamond Wiz

Looks like something out of the movie WALL·E, doesn’t it? But looks are deceptive. The Black Diamond Wiz (ha, what a name!) is the ideal, no nonsense head torch for cooking a meal at the campsite or reading a book at the end of a long day. Two LEDs ensure your batteries will last the entire trip. In fact, you’ll get 120 hours out of them on the low setting.

Comes in blue and pink so you know who’s is who, and would also make an ideal first headlamp for the youngins.

Check out the Black Diamond Wiz

Collapsible Walking Poles

If you’ve got wonky knees or take your hiking seriously, a pair of walking poles is a vital piece of kit. What’s so great about them? Well, importantly, they help you with your balance and save your joints and muscles by allowing you to more evenly spread the load. What’s more, they can also double as poles for some tents!

Check out our range of walking and hiking poles

Merrell Micca Sandals

You know what, comfort and style can go hand in hand. The Merrell Micca sandal proves that. Say, you’re travelling and hiking around Tasmania or New Zealand. You want to keep your pack as light as possible. You have your hiking boots for the track, but need something for the huts at night, and when you’re out on the town. The Micca is your shoe. Light, fashionable (well, when not worn with thick merino socks as you might in the hut), and has great eco-credentials.

Check out Merrell Micca Sandals

Sea To Summit X-Set 21 Cookset

A bit space obsessed? And I don’t mean that big black joint up in the sky littered with stars. The Sea to Summit X-Set 21 Cookset comprises a 1.4L X-Pot, an X-Bowl, and X-Mug and packs down to a meagre 3 x 19cm package. It’ll take up bugger all room in your pack and weighs a back-relieving 394 grams. Perfect for your car camping kit, or between two on a hiking adventure.

Check out the Sea to Summit X-Set 21

Light My Fire Spork

“That’s not a knife! THIS is a KNIFE!” Well, actually, it’s a spork. Not a knife. A spork. Way better than any fork or spoon, that’s for sure.

Weighing in at only 8 grams, the Light My Fire Spork has a place in every lady’s pack. Even the hardened ultralightist. Keep one in your drawer or work lunch box too so you can show your colleagues that you’re a rugged adventurer.

Check out the Light My Fire Spork

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