How to Replace the Central Hub on a Black Wolf Turbo Tent

The Black Wolf Turbo Tents have proven popular with four-wheel-drive tourers and family campers alike over the years. In fact, it’s one of our bestselling ranges of tents.

Our own Turbo enthusiast, David Leslie, wrote about how to get the most out of your Turbo Tent all the way back in 2011. However, as with anything, things can break.

In the event that hurricane conditions or heavy-handedness have their way with your Turbo Tent and break the centre hub, don’t fear as you can get your hands on a replacement hub and Black Wolf has put together this short how-to on how to fit it.

But before we get started, we’ve compiled a list of tools that you’ll need to replace the hub on your turbo tent.

The tools you will need:

  • Power or cordless drill
  • Small Phillips-head driver bit
  • 5mm drill bit
  • Shifting spanner

How to replace the centre hub of a turbo tent

1. Collapse the tent into a flat position by fully releasing the 4 lower knuckles & folding the legs under the roof section to only show the tent roof.

Black Wolf Turbo Tent Internal Hub

You can special order replacement hubs from Snowys. Allow a week for us to get one in.

2. Gently lift the centre hub to the flex position by forming a slight pyramid with the hub at the apex.

3. With the drill on low speed, remove the 4 driving screws on the leg tubes.

4. One elliptic stick at a time, gently pull the hub free of the 4 leg tubes and release the metal C-clip that connects the hub to the tent fabric (use a screwdriver if necessary). Ensure that the tubing is clean and free from dirt inside and out.

Black Wolf has put together a handy visual guide which you can check out above. 

5. Carefully fit the new hub and elliptic sticks onto one leg tube at a time and re-attach the metal C-clip to the underside of the hub.

6. Ensure that the hub is square and correctly lined up with the legs.

7. With the drill on low speed, drill a hole through the hub using the existing holes in the pole as a guide, use a block of wood or similar to protect your tent from being damaged by the drill.

8. Fit a bolt through both walls of the tube, attach a nut and tighten with shifting spanner.

Lifestyle shot of a Turbo Tent 450 Cabin in a forest in Australia

Good as new. Ready for another camping trip. Image: Black Wolf

9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for remaining 3 leg tubes.

10. Your turbo tent should be ready to go again!

We hoped this guide helped you fix the hub on your Turbo Tent, so now it’ll be ready for your future touring and camping expeditions.


If you have any suggestions or know a better way of doing one of these steps, let us know in the comments below. Otherwise, what are the craziest conditions you have subjected your Turbo Tent to?