Coleman Dual Fuel Stoves and Lanterns


For campers who have no experience with dual fuel products, their use can seem a little daunting, fiddly and perhaps even dangerous when compared to conventional gas stoves and lanterns.

We spoke to our Coleman representative Darren to get answers to the most common questions asked by customers regarding their Dual Fuel range.

Q. What is meant by Dual Fuel?

Coleman Northstar Dual Fuel Lantern

A. Dual Fuel means the product can be powered by either unleaded petrol from the service station or shellite. Shellite, a cleaner burning fuel, extends the life of the generator, while Colemans own shellite fuel contains a rust inhibitor and has a longer shelf life.

Q. Are they safe?

A. Yes – absolutely. As with any product utilising flammable liquids, there are correct usage procedures, but by following these you can be assured that Coleman Dual Fuel products are safe.

Q. Do they smell?

A. No. The only smell you will notice will be when you are filling the fuel tank. In use, the Coleman Dual Fuel products do not emit smelly fumes.

Q. Are they expensive to run?

A. No. The Powerhouse stove will burn for up to two hours on a 1700ml tank, while the Northstar lantern will run for up to 14 hours on a 950ml tank.

Assuming petrol costs you $1.30 per litre, the running costs are about $1.10 per hour for the stove and less than 10 cents per hour for the lantern.

Q. How bright are the lanterns?

A. Coleman Powerhouse and Northstar lanterns both emit an adjustable warm light of 861 and 1138 lumens respectively. They are a versatile and natural feeling light for your campsite.

Q. How hot are the stoves?

Coleman 2 Burner Dual Fuel Powerhouse Stove

A. The Coleman Powerhouse stove has two burners with a total adjustable heat of 17000 BTU (British Thermal Units), plenty of heat, while the Sportster stove has an adjustable output of 10,500 BTU from one burner.

Q. What can go wrong?

A. After extended use impurities in the fuel can block the generator, however these usually clear the next time the appliance is used and the issue is generally avoided by using clean fuel.

Over time, seals within the pump may need replacing, and as with all stoves, you will need to carry spare mantles. Snowys carries all the spares you need including replacement generators and mantles to keep your Dual Fuel appliance in tip top shape.

Q. What are the benefits over conventional gas appliances?

A. Primarily, Coleman Dual Fuel appliances are inexpensive to run, fuel levels are easy to monitor, and you won’t need to carry bulky pressurised LPG gas bottles. They are also very reliable and operate efficiently in cold weather.

Coleman Dual Fuel appliances enable you to have a gas free camp kit, and it is not uncommon to hear stories of them providing reliable service for 15+ years.

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