Best Hiking Tents – 2018 Review


With the new year comes another list of our best-selling hiking tents to help you make a decision on a shelter for your 2018 adventures.

Rather than try and tell you which tent we think is best, we base our top hiking tent list on what choices our customers made after they perused the specifications and reviews. If there were any products that didn’t cut the mustard, they would’ve been removed from our range before they even had a chance to make this list.

So, let’s get into the countdown of the best hiking tents for 2018.

10. MSR Elixir 2 & 3 Person Tents

The MSR Elixir tents are a little more affordable than the popular MSR Hubba range but share the same build quality. For the lower price, you get slightly heavier materials and a varied pole structure, so this does mean that it has extra points for durability.

Available in 2 and 3 person versions and with a footprint included, the MSR Elixir Hiking Tent is a good choice for trekkers that find themselves on the trail every weekend.


The Elixir is a tent that delivers on materials and weight, so it’s perfect for serious hikers. Image: MSR

9. Black Wolf Stealth Mesh Dome Tents

These can be best described as simple and functional. A mesh inner with a single door covered by a choice of either an olive green or camouflage flysheet. They are great as a mozzie dome or a lightweight shelter for motorcycle touring in warm climates. On top of this, they are ultimately very affordable.


The Stealth is a simple and affordable choice for balmy conditions. Image: Black Wolf

8. Oztrail Vertex Tents

Oztrail’s hiking tent range has been on the market for a little over a year now. They gained significant traction through 2017, with the 2 and 3 person Vertex tents proving to be the preferred model.

The Vertex offers a traditional dome frame structure with a ridge pole for increased internal space. This liveable configuration along with two entrances and vestibules and a very affordable price tag have earned them a place in our top 10 hiking tents this year.


The Vertex tents are high performance, lightweight and livable without a hefty price tag. Image: Oztrail

7. Zempire Zeus 2 Person Tent

The Zempire Zeus seems to have cemented its place firmly in our top ten and I’m sure it will continue to do so. It’s the perfect mid-range tent that boasts many of the features of its high-end counterparts.

We’ve had customers reliably use the Zeus for hiking and trekking adventures long and short right across the country. It features a roomy pole structure, two entrances and plenty of vestibule space, along with durable fabrics and a quality build.


If you want high-end features at a mid-range price, the Zeus is ideal. Image: Zempire

8. Black Wolf Grasshopper 2 & 3 Person Mesh Tents

The Black Wolf Grasshopper tents made a move into ultralight fabrics in 2017. This saw a reduction in weight with no effect on performance or build quality. The Grasshopper UL 2 and UL 3 now boast a 40D siliconised nylon flysheet with a 2000mm waterhead rating, and despite the lighter weight materials are still backed by a Limited Lifetime Guarantee.

The pole structure of the Grasshopper tents is what sets them apart from other hiking tents. The 3-pole design provides good headroom throughout and protected vestibules without the need for over-engineered frame components. The Grasshopper is another excellent mid-range hiking tent.


With great headroom and stability, this tent sits above others in its category. Image: Black Wolf

5. Zempire Mono 1 Person Tent

Perfectly affordable, packable and well made, the Mono Hiking Tent from Zempire is an ideal solo adventurer’s tent. It’s a single pole tent which means space is a bit tight on the inside. But on the flipside of this, it’s durable, sturdy and will only add about 1.5 kilos to your pack weight, all at a featherweight price.

As with all Zempire tents, the Mono is a mid-range tent with all the features and performance of its expensive competitors. You can check out the full review on the Mono Hiking Tent here as well.


Whether its Larapinta, or an overnighter, the Zempire Mono is up to the task. Image: Zempire

4. Explore Planet Earth Spartan Dome Tents

These were the quiet achievers on our top ten list this year. The Spartans share a similar pole structure to the Black Wolf Grasshopper tents, only they have heavier duty fabrics and a 4000mm waterhead rating on the flysheet.

The Spartan range come in 2 and 3 person sizes and are somewhat undersold by Explore Planet Earth. They come complete with accessory pockets and a lantern loop along with good quality alloy poles and some sturdy alloy pegs all packed away in a carry/compression bag. The Spartan range would have to be the best value hiking tents in our range.


Don’t underestimate the value of the lesser known Spartan tent range. Image: Explore Planet Earth

3. MSR Hubba Series

There’s no big surprise that the MSR Hubba Tents made it into our top ten hiking tents for 2018. The Hubba Hubba NX Hiking Tent, in particular, has been a tried and tested tent for decades now. This model continues to prove itself for hikers and trekkers all over the world.

Over the years the Hubba Hubba NX tent has become lighter and more compact to the point that it now has a trail weight of a little over 1.5 kg… for a 2 person tent! It features two entrances and vestibules, a roomy interior and it can be set up in a multitude of configurations with the addition of the optional groundsheet.


Light, spacious and reliable – the Hubba Hubba NX is a high performing tent. Image: MSR

2. Black Wolf Mantis 1 & 2 Person Tents

As with the Grasshopper Tents, the Black Wolf Mantis also underwent an ultralight upgrade in 2017. This saw a reduction in weight whilst maintaining the structure and performance of the Mantis tent as it’s always been.

These are a hoop style tent and sit low on the ground making them good for areas of high wind. They feature two entrances and vestibules and a mesh/polyester combination inner for all weather comfort. They are available in 1 and 2 person and weigh in at well under 2kg making them great for extended treks.


The Mantis is now lighter and with the same structure that holds up in windy conditions. Image: Black Wolf

1. Companion Pro Hiker Range

Whilst hiking gear isn’t a huge focus for Companion, they’ve come up with the goods when it comes to their Pro Hiker range. These tents are available in 1, 2 and 3 person versions. Though they’re an entry-level price, their performance and reliability give high-end tents a run for their money.

The Pro Hiker 2 is by far our best-selling tent. It’s a traditional dome configuration made of durable materials and finished with a host of trimmings. Despite the low price, we’ve had customers use this tent for long distance walks, motorcycle touring and car camping all with great success.


The Pro Hiker continues to top our list every year as it’s affordable, yet still reliable. Image: Companion

There they are, the top 10 hiking tents for the year!

That’s the Snowys list of best bushwalking tents for the year according to customer demand. We like this list as it covers various quality and price points, and each tent comes backed with real customer reviews.

We hope this helps you in your purchase decision, if not, give us a call on 1300 914 007 and we’ll do our best to fill in any knowledge gaps.


What was your favourite hiking tent you’ve used over the past year? 

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