12 Must Haves for Camping this Easter


The Easter long weekend. It’s one of the busiest camping periods of the year. The weather is milder than at Christmas. And it’s four days long – 5 days in Tasmania! So the weather is bound to be good, it’s just the right amount of time to go away, and you don’t have the same responsibilities that you probably do at Christmas. Time to go camping!

The folk here at Snowys have thrown together a bit of a list of some bits and bobs that will make your Easter camping trip – or any camping trip – that little more well-equipped and enjoyable – and delicious!

12 Products For Your Easter Camping Trip

1. Oztrail Adventure Solar Shower

Some purists will tell you that indulging in a shower when camping takes away from the true spirit of ‘roughing it’. Of course, you’re going to be defensive if you reek!

Don’t worry, you’re still camping even if you enjoy a shower. And with the Oztrail Adventure Solar Shower, it doesn’t need to be a cold one. Fill it up with 20 litres of water in the morning. Place it in the sun. And by dusk, you’ll be enjoying a nice warm wash with your sunset.

2. Coleman Divide +350 Torch       

Every camping kit needs a quality torch. To help find your way to a suitable toilet spot. To shine upon that spooky rustling in the distance. And just in case. A quality torch can cost well into the hundreds of dollars. The Coleman Divide +350 boasts 350 lumens (it’s bright!) for a pittance.

3. Bushnell Powerview 10×25 Binocular

Having a set of binoculars in the glovebox will take your travels to a whole new level. Even if you don’t fancy birds and wildlife, use em’ to spot far-away features on the landscape, or for scoping out those distant landmarks on your outback tour. Is that an oasis on the scorched horizon? The Bushnell Powerview 10×25 is a good, well-priced option if you’re after a pair to throw in the car or backpack. They’re lightweight too.

4. Sea to Summit Delta Plate

Buy quality. Buy once. This is plenty true of the Sea to Summit Delta range of tableware and cutlery. The Delta plate, available in grey, blue, and orange is lightweight, bomb-proof, and is actually designed with the accompanying cutlery in mind – you won’t need to resort to licking your plate to mop up the last drops of your favourite camp meal.

5. Sea to Summit Delta Insulated Mug

The Sea to Summit Delta Insulated Mug won’t only serve you well at the campsite, it’s ideal for everyday use for the coffee-loving commuter. Did you know billions of takeaway coffee cups end up in landfill each year? Pretty bad, eh? Take responsibility for your morning coffee and use a Delta instead – it’ll keep your coffee warmer for longer too!

6. Sea to Summit Delta Cutlery Set

It’s like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife. Isn’t it ironic?

You’ve driven all day to the perfect camp spot. You’ve set up the tent, inflated the sleeping mat, unfurled the sleeping bags. You just want to have a beer and enjoy a meal. But you can’t find a fork! Well, you’ll never lose your eatin’ tools again with the Delta Cutlery Set.

A durable fork, spoon, and knife clip together on a handy carabiner which can be clipped to your pack or anywhere else you won’t lose it.

7. Black Diamond Moji Lantern

Lanterns have come a long way since the traditional miner’s style lamp you can imagine hooked to the side of a dusty mine. Smell that kerosine? The Black Diamond Moji XP is bright, compact, and looks like something from a Pixar flick. It’s cute, eh? It has a hook to hang in the centre of your tent – the perfect reading light – or use it standalone if you find yourself cooking a BBQ after dark.

8. Victorinox Deluxe Tinker

If you don’t have a Swiss Army Knife, well, you’re not a serious camper! The Victorinox Deluxe Tinker is probably one of the most useful in the range. It boasts everything from a large and small blade, to scissors and pliers, to a toothpick and tweezers. With stacks of other users, and maybe even life-saving, tools and features in between. Look the part. Feel the part. Be a well-equipped camper.

9. Some easy to cook camp meals

Some people out there take camp cooking really seriously. They’re gourmets. If you’re not but still want tasty, nutritious food quick, well Go Native make super simple and tasty meals and The Outdoor Gourmet Company make some pretty good freeze-dried dishes. Best of all, these easily reheated/rehydrated meals are made from quality ingredients and taste a lot better than you may expect from packaged camp meals.

Just pop the pouch in a pot of hot water, or add some boiling water, and in no time at all, you’ll be eating like royalty.

10. Back Country Cuisine Mash Potato

Looking for a side to go with your delicious lamb shank? Nothing beats a serve of mash potato. And with Back Country Cuisine Instant Mash Potato, you won’t have to spend ages scrubbing, peeling, boiling, and mashing those spuds to enjoy some. Simply boil water, add it to the pouch, stir, seal, and wait ten minutes.

11. Companion Pop Up Silicone Colander

Perhaps you are a gourmet after all. You want to make some mash from scratch. Well, you’re going to need a colander to drain those boiled spuds. But kitchenware takes up a lot of room. Whether you’re a car camper or a caravanner, space is at a premium.

The folks at Companion are pretty clever, you see. Their Pop Up Silicone Colander is both lightweight and compact – it collapses down to just 2cm high! Perfect for the space-conscious camper that wants all the things.

12. Exped Megamat 10 LWX

“I don’t see a sleeping mat in that photo?” you might be wondering. Pretty neat background don’t you think? Well, that’s an Exped Megamat LXW. This is what some of our customers have had to say about this self-inflating sleeping mat:

“This is the comfiest self-inflating mattress EVER!”

“The 10 LXW is magnificent and luxurious.”

“Best camping mat ever!!!”

“A ‘marshmallow’ bed.”

I guess I don’t have to say much else about this one? I own its skinnier brother, the SimComfort Duo 7.5 and can vouch that these mats are insanely comfortable. And with the 10 LXW you get a whole extra 2.5cm of delightful, marshmallowy comfort! Oh, and square sides – more sleeping space and you won’t easily roll off.

What are your must-have Easter Camping gear? 

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