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Aero TM Air Tent

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For all you time-poor campers out there, the Aero TM from Zempire takes all the trouble out of setting up thanks to its inflatable structure. With an equal amount of space for both sleeping and living, you’ll be comfortable hanging out in your shelter at any time.

You can have some privacy in your rear sleeping area as it can be sectioned into two spaces, or left open for a more spacious area. You won’t be blinded by the sun every morning, as the inner sleeping area will block out light making this tent perfect for sleep ins. The UV treated SPF 50+ fabric will keep your shelter deteriorating over time, and the hot taped seams and 5000mm waterhead rated fly will keep moisture out. The front awning can be used as a partially undercover living area which is perfect for relaxing, and with a full head height you can stroll in and out of your tent with ease.

The PVC windows allow for a beautiful view, and the mesh will keep insects out. The vents around the base of the tent will allow for cooler air to come through on warmer days, and prevent condensation from building up on the inside of your tent. The Aero TXL is so simple to use: just lay it down, peg it out, attach the pump, give it some air – and voila! For the small family or couple who wants a stable, comfortable and quick pitch tent – the Aero TM is a tent you can rely on.

  • External inflation points
  • Full head height
  • Fully seam sealed with PU tape
  • Removable awning floor to enclose the awning 
  • PVC windows
  • Carry bag included
  • Pump included
Snowys Code:
Supplier Code:
Sleeping Capacity:
4 Person + Living Space
Recommended Capacity:
3 Person + Living Space
External Dimensions:
570L x 280W cm
Sleeping Area:
240L x 260W cm
Packed Dimensions:
77L x 41W x 43H cm
Max. Head Height:
200 cm
150D, 130T Oxford Polyester
Floor Material:
300D Oxford Polyester
Frame Material:
Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU)
5000 mm
21.5 Kg
3 Year
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Mar 06 2017

Previous Review Followup

Following our "first impressions" reviw a few weeks ago, we have just returned from a 4 day trip to the beach,

On site the tent was completely assembled and pegged down withing a half an hour or so. This was a significantly less stressful process using the Zempire electric pump!

We then spent another hour setting up all of the other paraphernalia to make the place livable.

In use, we found the space to be adequate for only two people - particularly as we have a queen size bed. I daresay it might be usable by 3 people but that would be a real squeeze!

It rained a little while we were away - about 5 or 6mm and there was no hint of leakage - particularly with the cap in place. We had no condensation issues either.

The only real issue with this tent is the lack of ventilation! Where we were, the weather was warm (16 or 17 oC at night rising to 30 or 32 oC during the day) and fairly humid. With only two smallish side screens and the front door openable, we found it quite stuffy - even at night. The small vents at ground level in the sleeping section did very little to help. We found that we had to have fans (we have 3) running whenever we closed the front door at night. Even when it was quite windy outside, there was no air movement inside. We actually purchased a pair of short tent poles to hold the front door up so that we maintained a bit of privacy and could still allow some air into the tent.

A screened opening in the rear of the tent would have gone a long way to relieve the stillness.

Packing up and loading all of the gear into our car took us about 1 and a half hours. The tent itself came down in only a few minutes.

All in all though, the tent performed admirably - apart from its ventilation issues...

- Tawonga South
Feb 11 2017

A very good system!

We have just purchased this tent and I have just put it up for the first time in my back yard.

The tent, and a whole heap of other camping gear, (5 large boxes in all) was ordered on a Monday and was delivered to our house in NE Victoria by the Thursday! Excellent Service Snowys!

Setting up the tent was a relatively easy procedure - unpack the tent, roll it out and peg down the 4 corners. Connect up the hand pump and pump up the first two tubes, followed by the last one. This took me about 15 minutes working by myself - and it was hard work indeed! (Probably because I'm in my mid-sixties, unfit and it was 35 oC in the shade!) Can't wait for the Zempire electric pump to arrive!

Completing pegging the tent out and adjusting the guys was a rather long and tedious job taking at least another 30 to 45 minutes.

We also purchased the Tent Cap for this model. IMO an essential accessory as it acts as a fly and allows for an insulating air gap between the tent roof and the outside as well as being somewhat reflective. It will also prove a greater degree of weatherproofing.

The "living space has two side windows with fine mesh insect screens.

Although not shown in the picture, there is another door on the very front of the tent annex enclosing the front portico.

The tent is roomy! With no central poles or other obstructions there is more than enough space for two people. At a pinch, if the room divider/partition is installed three people could live there - if they're no too tall.

The sleeping compartment is actually a complete mesh room suspended within the tent and as mentioned, a provided room divider can create two sleeping rooms.

I hosed the tent down (only for a few minutes) and noted no water ingress. Not a real test but hopefully a storm will come soon...

1. There are no ventilation windows for the sleeping compartment - except for two small floor level vents - and no roof vents..
2. There is no facility to hang a light or fan in the tent. This is annoying because of the lack of windows/through ventilation in the sleeping compartment.

On the plus side, this is a relatively easy tent to put up and I suppose very quickly done. Keep in mind that I set up the tent by myself. With two people working at it, the tent would have been up and ready in a much shorter time. Once the guy ropes are pegged out and adjusted, the air tubes are almost rigid making a very strong assembly.

If you buy this tent, get the tent cap with it!

- Tawonga South, VIC

Is there a ventilation flap at the back (outer) of the tent?1 answer

It is interesting to compare what Zempire offer here in Australia, v's the 'same'? tent in the UK. There is not only a roof protector available, but also a sun canopy which zips across the front of the tent, providing shade that would be much appreciated in Australian hot sun! Why is it not available here, but is in the UK? Additionally, the UK version of the tent most definitely has a flap at the back of the outer tent, covering a large mesh panel which provides through ventilation of the tent; given the criticism of 'no vents' at the back of the tent, has this feature been omitted for the Australian Market? It's also interesting to note that in the UK, the TL and TXL are both available in polycotton - a much superior material for hot climes - why do we get only the polyester version? Many thanks :-)

- Carnegie VIC(11 months ago)

G’day John,

It’s great to see how much you’re getting into the Zempire range! We couldn’t answer all your queries, so I’ve had a chat to the Zempire rep and this is what they’ve told me.

The sun canopy is a unique feature to the UK tents because it’s something that most tents in the UK have – it’s sort of a standard that most tents have in that region of the world which we don’t see in Australia very often.

The sun canopy is also made from PVC, so that material isn’t going to work well in the Australian climate. Zempire have also said that they are developing a shade that will hopefully be available for next season in Australia.

They also checked for me, and they’ve said that the UK and AU model both don’t have a ventilation flap at the rear of the tent.

**EDITED there is a ventilation flap underneath the rear fin of the Aero TM tent**

Zempire said that the polycotton versions aren't available in this region, as it’s not suitable for the NZ/AU market due to the weather conditions.

In general if you do see a product or feature on a Zempire UK tent, the reason we won’t have it is generally because it won’t be suitable for the Australian weather conditions – it’s not because they are downgrading the product in this region. I hope this answered all your questions John! 

- Snowys(11 months ago)

Repair kit?1 answer

Hi... Are there repair kits available for the pressure tubes and for the tent/fly/cap fabrics? If you don't carry them, where can I buy them (for insurance only...)? Thanks, Rob

- Tawonga South(1 year ago)

Howdy Rob,

I have checked on the Zempire web site and I am unable to find a repair kit for your tent. My suggestion would be to send them a quick email at and see if they can recommend a repair for your situation? Just so you're aware, if there ever is a problem with your air tent, let us know straight away and we will sort it out for you Rob. 

- Snowys(1 year ago)

Can the sleeping area in the back be opened up?1 answer

Hi Snowy's, Can the sleeping area in the back of this tent be opened up to just one room to fit a double inflatable mattress? And how does it open up? Would there be a zip or something along the middle of the floor? Cheers, Henry

- Bondi(1 year ago)

G’day Henry,

We actually don’t have the Aero TM on display in store, but we do have the TL which has the same layout and features of the TM but in a slightly bigger size.

In the sleeping are of both the tents there is a divider curtain that hooks on each corner, to the top and bottom of the tent which you can remove to create one sleeping space.

- Snowys(1 year ago)
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