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Aero TL Air Tent

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A tent that puts itself up, that’s the dream right? Well, not any longer thanks to the folks at Zempire. Aero TL from Zempire has an inflatable pole structure. Which makes setting up your shelter super dooper easy.

You can have some privacy in your sleeping area as it can be sectioned into two spaces, or you can leave it open for more room.You won’t be blinded by the sun every morning, as the inner sleeping area will block out light making this tent perfect for sleep ins. The UV treated SPF 50+ fabric will keep your shelter deteriorating over time, and the hot taped seams and 5000mm waterhead rated fly will keep moisture out. The front awning can be used as a partially undercover living area which is perfect for relaxing, and with a full head height you can stroll in and out of your tent with ease.

The PVC windows allow for a beautiful view, and the mesh will keep insects out. The vents around the base of the tent will allow for cooler air to come through on warmer days, and prevent condensation from building up on the inside of your tent. The Aero TXL is so simple to use: just lay it down, peg it out, attach the pump, give it some air – and voila! With a spacious living area, and a rear sleeping area that can be divided up of left open plan – it’s a spacious and livable option for a group or family. 

  • External inflation points
  • Full head height
  • Fully seam sealed with PU tape
  • Removable awning floor to enclose the awning 
  • PVC windows
  • Carry bag included
  • Pump included
Snowys Code:
Supplier Code:
Sleeping Capacity:
5 Person + Living Space
Recommended Capacity:
5 Person + Living Space
External Dimensions:
660L x 355W cm
Sleeping Area:
215L x 325W cm
Packed Dimensions:
80L x 47W x 46H cm
Max. Head Height:
215 cm
150D, 130T Oxford Polyester
Floor Material:
300D Oxford Polyester
Frame Material:
Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU)
5000 mm
31 Kg
3 Years
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Jan 30 2017

Fantastic tent!

We have just returned from using our new tent for the first time with toddler and dog in tow and wow are we impressed!! Our Zempire TL was super easy to set up and take down and we were blown away by the quality and attention to detail in every aspect of the tent. From the roomy 'loungeroom' to the pockets everywhere for storage, the glow in the dark zip tabs and the strong floor material....everything exudes good design and functionality. We also purchased the same size ground sheet, the zempire lamps and child's chair and all are of a fantastic quality.
An air tent really is the future of camping!
Thankyou to Snowys for yet again prompt wonderful service and delivery!

- Hobart

Video clip1 answer

Hi Emily, Thanks for your previous answer. Would you know if Zempire have a video clip for setting up this tent?

- Sydney(6 months ago)

Hi Jonathan, 

No worries! I've had a look, and it seems that they don't have a set-up video for that model. But there is a video on the larger model - the Aero TXL, which will still give you a good idea, which you can watch here. 

- Snowys(6 months ago)

fly cover1 answer

is the rain fly cover integrated, or do you need to put that over the 'skeleton of the tent once it's inflated

- Sydney(6 months ago)

G'day Jonathan, 

I've just confirmed this with Zempire on the phone, and the Aero TL has just one skin so there isn't a separate fly.

There is a separately available roof cover, but that's an optional accessory that protects the tent from damage over time and reduces heat in the tent. 

- Snowys(6 months ago)

Tent performance in wind1 answer

I am interested in the Aero TL tent but would like to know how this tent handles windy situations. Does the rib style air pole with no cross bracing as used in the aero dome series effect it's stability in wind?

- Manly Vale(8 months ago)

G'day Chris,

The Zempire Aero TL is quite a stable tent and performs really well in the wind. This is because the poles are thicker than solid poles which reinforces the structure. They are also filled with pressurized air making them quite solid but due to their nature, they have more give which allows them to not snap under pressure as what might happen with alloy, fiberglass etc poles. The key to the stability here is to ensure you allow the tent a broad base of support through pegging out all the guy ropes and checking that they remain tight, especially during the windy periods.

- Snowys(8 months ago)

Ventilation at the rear end/sleeping area1 answer

Hi there, we are considering a purchase of Aero TL, but our main concern is ventilation, specifically at the rear end/sleeping area. As I understand, the windows at the back of the tent cannot be open, they're purely for light. So with just a few small ventilation holes at the back, would there be enough airflow, especially during Australian summer time? I understand that these tents were created in NZ and are quite popular in the UK, where weather is a bit cooler than in Australia . Have these tents been adapted for Australian weather conditions? Also, is the floor of the tent waterproofed? I saw a comment on the Net stating that floor in their TL leaked.

- Sydney(12 months ago)

G'day Irina, 

We've got a TL on display in store, so I've just had a look at the features on this tent and the PVC windows all have a mesh panel that can be opened up to use as a vent. The sleeping area is suspended in the back of the tent, and is made from a lighter and more breathable fabric than the roof/walls of the TL. You can also get more ventilation in that area as there are mesh panels on the door of the sleeping area that can be zipped open at the top for air flow. The side and main doors have both solid and mesh options so that's another spot for cool air to come in the tent. 

I've just had a chat with Zempire, and as far as the floor, they've said that there was an issue with a couple of the TL's but they assured me this has been resolved. We personally haven't had any customer feedback regarding this, so we're confident that the waterproofing on the floor of our stock is up to scratch. They also said that the tent hasn't been adapted for Australian conditions, so they've suggested that if you do decide to buy the tent, to consider the separate roof cover as this can reduce the temperature in the tent by up to 6°. 

I'd say overall you will get plenty of ventilation through the tent, but in very hot weather a synthetic tent is always going to be a bit on the warm side which is something to keep in mind. 

- Snowys(12 months ago)

Comparison with Outdoor Connection Brampton1 answer

Hi, we're considering either this Aero TL or the Outdoor Connection Brampton as a tent for our small family. Aside from the obvious in terms of poles vs inflatable, we're wondering how you'd run down the two in comparison, in terms of build quality, durability in inclement weather, and things that will impact on how 'liveable' it is when in use. We're a small family so are looking at a tent like this to have lots of living space rather than maxxing out on sleeping space. We've seen the Outdoor Connection tents and were impressed with functionality aspects such as pockets, light hooks etc. Does the Aero TL have similar? Does the inner sleeping area 'tent' make the sleeping area much darker than it would be when sleeping in the Brampton? This could make a difference for our toddler... Thanks.

- Adelaide(12 months ago)

G'day Kathryn, 

If space is what you’re after the Brampton is extremely roomy.  It’s got pretty much double the amount of space and has three rooms. The configuration of the TL is a little different, it has a central large living area, and then a smaller sleeping area that can be divided into two sections. You can get a better idea of the interior of the TL in this video here if that helps.

The sleeping area of the TL is made from a darker fabric, so it is going to help prevent light coming through, but the Brampton does have a dark green fly, so it’s hard to say if there is a huge difference to be honest.

Quality wise, both Outdoor Connection and Zempire are reputable brands that make tents that are well made. Both are going to offer excellent weather protection, and durability so I would say that if space is what you want – the Brampton is the way to go. If ease of use is more important – the TL is very easy to set up so that’s probably the better option. If you have any further niggling queries, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 914 007 – we’re always happy to help!

- Snowys(12 months ago)
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